Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

The child in me still loves the imagination of fairy dust, a  sparkling shower of magical transformation and flowing love from a Fairy. Somehow I got a fairy dust inspiration the other day when I was wondering about prayers as my neighbor had told me she was praying for me when I had my cataract surgery.


I am not comfortable with prayers as they imply an absence of spiritual power.  Although I felt the loving kindness of my neighbor’s prayers, I knew she was relying on the power of God or some angelic being, not the power of her own spirit.  There are certainly times when I want to send love, comfort or the ability to transcend or transform to another, but somehow it never felt right to have an agenda and ask a higher being to carry it out. Then I had this imagination of prayer dust and my prayers were answered!


My childhood love of fairy dust, especially Tinkerbell and how her dust let Wendy, Michael and John fly with Peter to Neverland, translated in my adult soul to prayer dust. For me, prayer dust is made up of particles of love and flows in waves of freedom. It rises from the Divine Kernel within my soul.


The particles and waves of quantum prayer dust bring living clarity, comfort, calm, courage, contentment, and change…flowing and blowing, swirling and whirling, penetrating and permeating. What moves the prayer dust and makes it sparkle is my unselfish, shining-like-the-sun-on-everyone love.

The moment my love turns selfish and the prayer holds an agenda , even in the smallest, justified, well-intentioned way, the prayer dust dulls and sinks. The particles lose their creativity and the waves lose their vital movement. The dust becomes just words empty of true unconditional spiritual energy.


What I discovered through the imagination of prayer dust is the possibility of universal celebration and forgiveness.  With this imagination of prayer dust, I finally understand the admonition “Love your enemy!” I can shower my enemy with prayer dust knowing that prayer dust harmonizes all differences, neutralizes all threats, centers all imbalances, and nourishes all hungers. Prayer dust has no sympathies and no antipathies, just like rain and wind and the ground we walk on it works for all. Prayer dust does not see stories of victimhood needing rescue. Prayer dust does not fulfill wishes and desires. Prayer dust does not bargain or plead requiring a higher power to intercede.


I am the heartfelt power in the prayer dust I create.


Prayer dust illuminates karma and causes, destiny and possibilities, and evolves consciousness. I can shower those who demonstrate the worst of human egotism with prayer dust with the same enthusiasm I send it to those with generous hearts. Everyone needs and deserves prayer dust.


Imagine if everyone who reads this post committed to send heart-felt prayer dust to the White House and Congress, to the California fires, to Syria, to refugee camps and prisons, to the climate, to all children. 


Prayer Dust and Yourself


Are you in pain? In your body? In your soul? Imagine prayer dust shining and sparkling through the pain. If you take meds, shower the meds with prayer dust before you take them. Shower a tumor with prayer dust.   Fill your anxieties, despair, and angers with particles of love and waves of freedom. You are not negotiating or supplicating…you are the source of the power in prayer dust.


Prayer dust is the manifesting energy in the mantra: I am safe. I am calm. I am awake. I am nourished. Prayer dust filled with the particles and waves of light, warmth, tone and life force illuminates, radiates, resonates and generates what is essential and needed. It may not change the story but it will transform the experience.


Oh, how I love this imagination of prayer dust. I love the creative quantum magic in it. It is the spiritual substance of everything and nothing. Sometimes I think I am creating a Milky Way of my soul forces when I create my prayer dust.


Share this image of prayer dust with the children you love.


Light a candle, play some beautiful music, pour some herbal tea, breathe some essential oil, sit back and spend a minute or ten sending your soul’s prayer dust out into the world.