I’ve been writing and writing descriptions of the soul for years and only now have I realized the metaphor of a Rubik’s Cube, the most popular puzzle toy ever. Rubik’s Cube has six sides. Each side has nine squares. 6×9=54 squares. All the squares move  and can alter the configuration of each side creating new faces or relationships.  According to the Wikipedia article there are over 43 quintillion permutations in a 3×3 cube. That’s 43 followed by 18 zeroes. 43,000,000,000,000,000,000.

So just imagine there are 43 quintillion different ways of being you.

The Soul as a Rubik’s Cube

I have written often of the the three functions of the soul: thinking, feeling, and willing or cognition, affection, and volition. and I have written about the 9-fold soul (click here to download a “simple” description) where you realize each that you have thoughts and feelings and actions around each thought, feeling and action.  So we can see the 9 squares, but what about the six sides/colors how do they appear in the puzzle of the soul?

In the Rubik’s Cube soul puzzle, you can see the six sides as six moods, six roles of self-expression, six stages of human development, etc. Let’s consider human development.  A thought that belongs to one stage can be caught in another stage. To get it back to the right stage, it may need to move back and forth through a number of stages.  Do you see the unending dynamic complexity of the soul, of your soul.  Totally, beyond naming, explaining, organizing, or managing without knowing the tricks of the turns and twists.

Do you see how essential it is to be able to relate to the soul from a different sense of self? From the I-Beyond-Consciousness that can see all six sides and get them back into a meaniful order? This I-Beyond-Consciousness I explored in the Inner Christmas Messages theme, 12 Impressions of I.  http://innerchristmasmessages.com.

At the Rubik’s Cube website there are a number of videos showing how to solve the puzzle.

Imagine Self programs provide guides and trainings for solving the puzzles of your soul.

The Soul as a Jigsaw Puzzle

Let’s move from the Rubik’s Cube to the Jigsaw Puzzle of a zillion pieces. When putting together a jigsaw puzzle you need to begin somewhere.  You look for pieces that form an edge and the best are the pieces that make the corners. When you have an edge and two corners, you are on your way to putting the puzzle together.

Next you gather together to pieces that have an obvious connection. With jigsaw puzzles you usually have a picture to help you with this.  With the jigsaw of the soul you will have questions, memories, sensations, desires that will trigger an imagination of what the finished puzzle will reveal.

With jigsaw puzzles and soul puzzles a most important guideline is DO NOT GIVE UP!

Imagine Self teaches you how to be a puzzle master.  That’s pretty great when you also happen to be the puzzle!

The Imagine Self course, Karmic Relationships, that begins next week provides four corner pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of of your relationships and brings defining colors to the pieces of your heart.  Imagine being able to reflect on your historical relationships and find the meaning behind the story.

That’s what a puzzle master of the soul does – she looks with you at each piece. She guides you to look behind, before, and beyond the pieces and discover if they are a corner or an edge. Then the other pieces are sorted by theme, the thoughts, and feelings, desires, memories, behaviors, talents, goals, and so on. The real sign of a master is her ability to see where the pieces belong and how to get them there, how to link all the pieces together, to see how they interlock. If you are patient and attentive with the pieces, suddenly your soul appears whole and wise and wonderful and all your relationships make sense.

How many pieces of the puzzle of your soul do you want to work with this year? 2013 Imagine Self’s live interactive programs will focus on the autobiographical puzzle beginning with Karmic RelationshipsKarmic Relationships will not be offered live again until 2015.   

For your soul puzzle budget questions, Karmic Relationships will not be too demanding.  Your time budget will need to afford about 2-3 hours a week for 4 weeks, your attention and risk budget will need to be mature and confident, your financial budget will need afford $127 (if you divide that by the number of past and current relationships that will burst with new meaning, not to mention the ability to see the real value in new relationships – is it worth it?).  Give it some thought and sign up if it feels right to you.  It begins on Wednesday, February 13.

Click here to learn more and register for Karmic Relationships.

BTW, as devoted and successful I am at working with the puzzles of the soul, I have never had the patience for Rubik’s Cube or jigsaw puzzles.  But come to me with a soul puzzle and I’m totally engaged.

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