What could be a more intimate gift than a gift you give your soul? What does the self give the self?

If your soul were to make a list of gifts it wants/needs/deserves from you over the year what would be on that list? If your soul made a list of gifts it wants from your angel or God, Allah, Christ, Sophia, Buddha, Lakshmi, or another Being of Divinity would the list be different? Take some time now and write your lists.

Are you a bit amazed at this? I am.  It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? The organ of inner development (moral, spiritual, self development) is the soul. The soul requires many gifts to unfold, evolve and flourish.

Did any of the gifts your soul wants surprise you? I hope so.

The 12 Intimate Gifts of the Holy Nights

For 12 years I have been giving YOUR soul the gifts of the Inner Christmas Messages — 12 gifts each Christmas.  But this year it is your turn to give your soul these 12 gifts. I will write the messages, but you will need to subscribe and make a contribution.  Then give them to your soul. They are no longer gifts from me. Now they come from you.

The Inner Christmas Messages are the intimate gift you give your soul at Christmas. Understand the messages are like a box of chocolate truffles…the gift is only received when you bite into the truffle and you taste the inspiration.  You need to willfully take each message into your soul and let it melt into thoughts and feelings of your own.

This year, the box of soul chocolates contains Twelve Comforts. A comforted soul has an infinite capacity to engage both heaven and earth. More on this in the introductory message.

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The Inner Christmas Messages subscription requires a contribution. This can be any amount. So far contributions have ranged between $1 and $50 USD.

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