The Soul’s Focus for Inner Summer

Standing Strongly 
in Yourself & in the World

“ Lynn Jericho’s seminars are so very worthwhile. They are engaging, revealing, insightful, and deeply satisfying. Lynn brings great wisdom, humor and kindness as well as a gift for being present with the group and to the needs of individuals.
Working with Lynn has brought clarity of thinking, awareness of feeling and certainty in action to my life. I am grateful to Lynn for offering these seminars and look forward to her future offerings. ” Lisa Boisvert MacKensie. Editor  of The Wonder of Childhood

Inner Balance

In the course of the Inner Year, late August and early September is the time of year when we feel the pull back into our inner realities.  Late Spring and Summer drew us out to our consciousness of our relationships to others and the world. Now as we feel the increase of darkness in nature, our souls need to renew our attention to the inner experience of equilibrium, feeling centered, clear-headed, upright, integrated, and free to evolve to a greater gesture of confident self-expression.

In the four 90 minute sessions we will work with the following questions:

What is inner balance? Did you ever ask yourself this question? Is now the time?
What is dynamic balance and how do you live well through creative chaos?
What are the three questions that allow you to compose your life?

How do you experience vertigo? Do you feel that you or the world are spinning out of control?  Do you feel light-headed, unable to focus, like you are losing consciousness? Do you feel like you are swaying back and forth, side to side, wondering how to establish new footing and a solid standpoint?

Which of the seven types of soul/spiritual vertigo do you struggle with?  Just identifying the type(s) will give you a new ground of self-awareness on which to balance your thoughts, feeling, time, energy.  How would life feel if you found a new core equilibrium?

What are the four aspects of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics that applied to your inner life will allow your sense of self and your self-expression to soar into the sun and sail through rough seas?  (This is truly spiritually and practically of enormous value.)

With each session other questions will be asked leading to new possibilities for all participants. 

Summer is the time of year when your soul is most open to the mysteries of balance and standing strongly.

The Intensive will bring new understanding to the imbalances of your life, why they have caused you so much struggle and why you can now move beyond them with courageous creativity.  Like all the Inner Year programs, the Balance Intensive will make sense of your inner experiences and guide you into a truly creative and grounded imagination of your future.

If you are a student of the work of Rudolf Steiner, you will find truly personal applications for his wisdom.

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You will …

  • develop compassionate control of your inner and outer life
  • name and transform the threats and obstacles to your sense of inner harmony
  • feel a core strength and uprightness
  • learn how to make responsible and creative choices that make sense for you
  • feel more spiritually awake

Is this for YOU???

  • You are on a quest for self-knowledge. 
  • You are in crisis. Life is overwhelming your sense of self. This may be a sudden disruption from a change in relationship, job, or health. Or it can be a chronic sense of feeling you don’t know who you are.

  • You are at a threshold of your life. It is thresholds that demand balance from you so that you don’t fall backward or forward but stand strongly as you step into your future. Here are some of the major thresholds of living.

  • You are at a seven year threshold.  Every seven years we evolve into a new phase of development. 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70, 77.  These thresholds can be rocky as we feel the demands of a new maturity.

  • You are 37 or  56 and experiencing the the emotional development of a natal moon node. This can be a powerful shift in how you veiw your self and your relationships.

  • You are 42 or 63.  These are the extraordinary thresholds of 21 year cycles.  Your “I am,” your core Being, incarnates into a new gesture in the world and within your soul.

  • You are in crisis. Life is overwhelming your sense of self. This may be a sudden disruption from a change in relationship, job, or health. Or it can be a chronic sense of feeling you don’t know who you are.

Am I addicted to your classes?   That’s one story….
I do know that your presence, through your classes, emails, and telephone consults keeps alive in me the striving toward an ideal, a soul consciousness, that easily becomes dimmed by the demands, conflicts and even the celebrations, of “life on the surface”.  You keep re-minding us of a whole other plane of being and meaning.   For that, and for you, I am grateful,    Marilyn Dixon

Course Description

Session One – Shaping a Balanced Life

  • Defining Balance
  • The Three Discoveries of Balance – a neuro-spiritual understanding
  • The Three Anxieties and Balance
  • The Four Functions of Balance in Your Life
  • Creating Your Wall of Balance

Session Two – Understanding Imbalance

  • The Three Feelings of Imbalance – Vertigo, Malaise, Disequilibrium
  • The Three Sensory Experiences of Balance
  • How These Impact Your Thinking & Feeling
  • The Significant Role of Object Relations

Session Three – Vertigo & The Void

  • Spinning, Overwhelm, Swaying To & Fro
  • Balance and Sense of Identity
  • Spiritual Balance – The 70/30 Wisdom
  • Neurobiology and Balance
  • The Abyss and Filling the Void

Session Four – Developing Spiritual Balance

  • The Wisdom of Proportion
  • Establishing the Right Share
  • Seeking Results
  • Spiritual Aerodynamics
  • The Spiritual Elements of Balance
  • Managing  Ever-present Ambivalence

“Blessings to you for speaking to my inner experiences.
Your ability to understand and articulate and SHARE how to navigate these natural patterns is a life boat for me.”
Sally Nurney


We meet as a group via the internet or phone for 90 minutes each week for 4 weeks.

There is a slide presentation on your desktop and you hear Lynn and each other on the computer via Skype or on your phone. Directions for connecting are sent in an email – it is simple. These sessions are recorded and can be downloaded for relistening.

We have personal conversations with partners from the course…
Everyone is assigned a partner from the group for  a 30-60+ minute conversation on the weekly topics. These are remarkable and deeply sacred conversations.  When each partner is working with the same set of archetypal questions, rich dialogue emerges to nurture and clarify the biographical insights of each.  This is awesome, thrilling and by far the most transformative aspect of the program.

We each create personal binders/notebook …

Participants are encouraged to create their own binder to fill with the handouts and the selfwork for each session. The handouts include descriptions of the key elements found in our biographies and sets of questions for each topic.  Your binder contains all your biography work and your personal biographical reflections – in this case, the story of your first seven years. The binder gives you a place to continue your reflections beyond the time frame of the program.

There is a personal conversation with Lynn…
During the course, you will schedule a 20 minute private conversation with Lynn on any personal question you have.  These are powerful conversations. Lynn brings her intuitive listening and her creative and compassionate wisdom to the conversation.


    4 – 90 minute webinars

    SATURDAYS, August 20, 27,September 10, 17   No session Labor Day Weekend 
    11AM – 12:30PM Eastern
    8AM – 9:30AM Pacific
    4PM – 5:30PM BDT


    Thursdays, August 25, September 1, 8,15
    8:00PM – 9:30 PM Eastern
    5:00PM – 6:30 PM Pacific
    10:00PM – 11:30PM BDT

Because this course is a webinar, people from all over the world are able to attend. Please check you timezone. I have had people attend from five continents.  Email me, if you have questions.

Location: Your computer and/or your phone. Directions for this internet process are sent to you.  It is relatively simple even for the technically challenged and insecure.

Cost: $147USD 
You register on my online store and can pay via debit card, credit card or PayPal.  If you need to pay by personal check, please email me.  Discounts and payment plans are available.



Lynn Jericho has been leading inner development courses for 20 years. She is the developer and designer of the Imagine Self   programs: Inner Christmas, Inner Year, & Inner Life.  Learn more about Lynn at www.lynn jericho.com