Are you distressed with the outcome of the presidential election.  I am. 

I just finished responding to a question about the Inner Christmas Messages and I was led to think about last year’s theme of Twelve Acts of Kindness.  With my response to the results of the election, I knew I needed kindness to fill my souls, rather than fear, hate and emnity. 

I went to www.innerchristmasmessages.com and began to reread the messages.  Please read the messages as each is a spiritual balm for facing the drama of the day and our future.

The particular message that called to me today was The Kindness of Encircling. It reminded me that I need to find the grace of living in infinite perspectives. Moving around an event in your life, the way the sun moves around the earth, allows you to experience the event in many ways with different feelings and find wisdom and understanding, confidence and creativity in all circumstances.

We need to let our reactions and shock to settle down.  We need to name our feelings: what are the fears, the sadness and grief, the angers. We need to find a calm ballast to give our thoughts and actions kindness and strength while we forge a new direction. 

And we need to connect with the Being of America, not just remember or mourn a set of ideals, but to truly connect with the archetype of democracy with mature consciousness. Let’s embrace this crisis with sobriety, serenity, positivity and courage. 

Reflecting on the history of the US especially the shadowy, tragic figures and shocking events that have threatened our country will helps us see this moment in history as another challenging opportunity.

Change rarely comes without difficulty. Things will never be the same. This is good.

Reread the Twelve Acts of Kindness.  The theme for this year’s Inner Christmas Messages is The Twelve Comforts. We will need these sacred comforts as we move into the future.

If you are not American, please keep us in your prayers. 

With love, Lynn