Do you have any summer questions? You know the ones about wishing life was different? They pop into your thoughts while you are walking along the beach or wishing you were.

What part of your life do you think about changing, making better, enjoying more?

Your relationship?
Your work?
Your finances?
Your body?
Your discipline?
Your parenting?
Your celebrating?
Your decision-making?

What feelings do you have that you want to understand, release, balance?
Your guilt?
Your grief?
Your doubt?
Your anxiety?
Your irritability?
Your confusion?
Your frustration?

What part of your spiritual life would you like to deepen, clarify, speak about?
Your meditative life?
Your faith?
Your practice?
Your tradition?

In the past, my work as a personal counselor has been limited to commitments to on-going conversations lasting months or even years. I still work this way.

But I realize that this long-term process is not always needed. Often you just have one question that you would like to explore through a creative conversation with someone skilled in listening and understanding. Maybe get a viewpoint that might move you to a new freedom around the topic.

I work with my clients over the phone or via skype. Skype is a way to have a conversation over the internet. We can do it with video and see each other. It free and lots of fun.

During July and August, I am offering Summer Conversations. You can schedule a Summer Conversation with me on Tuesday between Noon and 8PM or Saturday between 8AM and Noon. Conversations can be 20, 40, 60 or 80 minutes in length.
the cost is $40 for each 20 minutes.

To schedule a conversation go to

Or call me directly at 646-797-9669.