Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash
Several years ago, I was inspired to create this verse to strengthen the etheric body and the astral body. Many have told me they have found it strengthening and healing.
Archangels form and overlight group souls and the experience of “we”.  In the etheric body they form and enliven the great systems of biology:  Michaelic forces form and enliven the immune system. Raphaelic forces the endocrine system. Gabrielic forces the nervous system. Urielic forces the digestive system. Repeat this verse over and over in times of stress. I just timed myself saying this and it came to 25 seconds…so it is a handwashing meditation!

Today, I am Safe. (Michael protects me.)

Today, I am Calm. (Raphael centers me.)

Today, I am Awake.(Gabriel calls out to me)

Today, I am Nourished.   (Uriel sustains me)

Today, I am Free and Alive.

To bring spiritual connection in spite of social isolation I have taken the gazing exercise into a new way of connecting.  Many of you have done the gazing exercise…this is a distance version which you can do several times a day each time gazing at a different individual.
Choose a person to meditate on. With the sacred energy of gazing imagine something of their physical being. You can do a gazing imagination about their hands, their hair, their walk, their smile, just bring your sense of their individuality into the imagination. Do this for at least a full minute (18 heartbeats!). 
Now open your journal and begin to write down your experience of a virtue you “see” in her/him. The light from within that illuminates, the warmth that radiates, the tone that resonates, the life force than generates. Or the courage, the compassion, the creativity, the good humor, the steadfastness, the truthfulness, the kindness, etc.  Write as much as you want to but know that a single word can crystalize all the love you are feeling for them. You will not feel lonely or afraid when you bring your heartfelt attention to another soul.
Yes, you can let the person you are gazing at know what you have seen and felt. If you do this in an email make the subject line “I am with you!”