June 21 The Solstice

Midsummer is here. We have just experienced the Solstice. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we have had the longest day/shortest night of the year.

I just realized that I wrote the year. Even for me with all my work bringing our attention to the Inner Year, I write the. Let me begin again.

…You have just had the longest day/shortest night of YOUR year! This is your inner year. Nature gives us a year that belongs to no one and everyone. Your inner year belongs to only you. If you don’t pay attention to it, if you don’t give it meaning, then it remains simply Nature’s passing of time.

My inner year work seeks to awaken in you a creative awareness of your year of soul days and soul nights. How many inner solstices have you felt in your soul? Long day/short night? Short day/long night? Inner moments of dramatic imbalance marking a turning points in your life and your imaginations of self.

If you recollect your own inner solstices, what do you feel? For me, my inner solstice feelings seem to call forth a poem – a painting of tender and violent words or a watercolor painting of colored tears and dancing lights.

(Wow, imagine if our tears were a rainbow of colors to reflect our rainbow of feelings.  What color tears would flow from grief, from rage, from joy, from truth??? Did the creator gods miss an opportunity here? Could we ask a crying person, a child, a friend, ourselves, what color are your tears?)

Do you connect more with long soul days or long soul nights?  Do like the light shining in the world or the light shining from within yourself?

June 24
St. John’s Tide

John the Baptist’s birth finds it’s celebration at the height of summer, mirroring the birth of Jesus in the depth of winter. But most of us don’t have a conscious feeling for this festival and its meaning.

(Dear Folks in the Southern Hemisphere, Thank you for bringing a balancing feeling to the impact of Nature on these great archetypal experiences.)

John dwells in the wilderness and cries out with a voice that is heard throughout the cosmos.  He is crying out for something he cannot name until he meets it. The power of his cry is not his dispair, but his confidence.  He knows the turning point is coming.

In the mood of a voice crying in the wilderness, your voice, think//recollect your moments of greatest despair rising up in your throat lifted by an underlying, equally great, but not nameable confidence.

Have a moment today to feel the deep confidence that another of your turning points is near at hand.