How will you enter and experience the Holy Nights? How will you let go of the noise and experience the signal in your soul?

Noise and signal are scientific terms for the ratio between clear signal bearing important information and the background of distracting, distorting and unwanted noise.

In spiritual seeking and striving, we can easily find lots of earthly noise that may be quite beautiful and delightful but overwhelms the inner signal of a personal spiritual imagination.

You want to wholeheartedly surrender to the clear luminous signal from the beings of the spiritual world. These signals appear in the silence and solitude of your inner life.

During the Holy Nights of the spiritual year, the earthly noise fades and the signals are most clear.

What I find significant in understanding  spiritual signal is the recognition that each of us receives our own unique signal. The spiritual signal I receive is not identical to what you receive. My angel whispers into my soul exactly what I need for my unfolding self. Your angel, responding to the same question, will whisper a different signal.

The Inner Christmas Messages provide imaginations and questions. Each year the theme for the messages is different, but the process and purpose is the same.

Each Inner Christmas message acts as a tuner that pinpoints signals and cancels out the noise. Each message fine tunes a moral question about your own inner experience of self. How you respond to the question sends a signal and opens up a direct connection with your angel who takes your soul into the spiritual world for a renewal, an inspiration, a cleansing, an embrace of love and freedom or other spiritual imaginations.

In all my years of spiritual mentoring and spiritual research, I have come to understand that the more we reflect, contemplate and converse with deep wonder the more we engage the interest of spiritual beings. More than our beautiful and centering earthly sacred rituals, meditations and prayers, our inner questions and creative imaginations connect us with the Divine.

What I have learned about the Holy Nights

over twelve years of Inner Christmas Messages…

1.  I have come to know that for these 12 nights every year, our souls pause, go silent to earthly noise and send and receive spiritual signals.

2. Living questions and courageous imaginations initiate the intimate blessing of the Holy Nights . You are sending the signals of your inner willingness to God.

3. The more you bring your thinking, feeling and willing into the imaginations and questions, the more you are tuning into the sending and receiving of clear spiritual signals.

4. The receiving, interpretation and manifestation of the spiritual signals may be immediate or happen sometime later in the year.

5. Often you will have the experience that you are answering the questions or fulfilling the imaginations yourself and fail to notice the presence of a spiritual signal/being. Yet, you will have an experience of both an innocence and a wisdom that surprises you.  They will be epiphanies! A received spiritual signal will always be an epiphany.

Why the Inner Christmas Messages?

The Inner Christmas messages guide you to your imaginations and questions. They are not the inner work of the Holy Nights. They are invitations or gateways into your inner work. Let them inspire you.

Each message addresses a topic based on the theme of the year. I offer a creative imagination of the topic, and a number of questions to consider around the topic. Let them serve as a way to find your individual relationship to the topic and a new, clarifying, liberating perspective on yourself.

The messages are not definitive, they are encouraging.

Reading the messages is not the experience of the Holy Nights. The Holy Nights are a cosmic experience that can only be felt within your own soul. Be confident and seek YOUR Holy Nights.

The Twelve Comforts for the 2016/17 Holy Nights

Each year, the theme and the messages surprise me. They seem to be mine but they also feel like inspirations…signals that appear in my soul. Throughout the year I am living with my questions about the messages…always asking and imagining what the theme will be and how will I know what to write. I’ve learned to trust.

In this stressful, polarizing year, the theme that appeared about three months ago was Twelve Comforts to Strengthen Your Soul. Each message will look at an activity that when undertaken provides a comforting strength (in Latin confortare: strengthen). It is as if the spiritual world is telling us they want us to find strength, peace and goodwill in our crazy, uncertain world.