2013 is the 12th year of Inner Christmas!!

Inner Christmas offers twelve messages to guide your journey to a place (inner Bethlehem) where in an unexpected and humble corner (the inner stable) of your soul you are born anew (inner nativity). You find gifts of earthly innocence and simplicity (from your inner shepherds) and gifts of star-led wisdom (from your inner magi).

Your Inner Christmas is not about believing. It is about experiencing.

Let yourself experience.

With each Inner Christmas, something new and divine is born in your soul. This newborn self brings new meaning, significance and purpose to your life and your expression in the world.

Do you ever find at the end of the holidays, no matter how wonderful they have been, you feel something was missing?
Hiding behind the rich blessings of gifts and food, traditions and celebrations, music and decorations, friends and family there is a dark silent place still longing for …

  • Some new gift of self-love to be unwrapped.
  • Some delicious feast of self-awareness to be prepared and enjoyed.
  • Some tradition of self-attention to be celebrated.

This longing doesn’t happen at any other time of year. Holidays—national, cultural, religious—come and go with the seasons without arousing such a deep, unmet need for going within oneself.


The Soul’s Inner Solstice

Since the beginning of human consciousness, the soul has experienced an inner cyclical rhythm that mirrors the activity of the stars and of the earthly kingdoms. Our souls know an Inner Spring, an Inner Summer, an Inner Autumn and an Inner Winter. These are the seasons of the soul. Each inner season brings a special relationship and a significant task to our evolving consciousness as we develop into both an earthly and a spiritual being.

Reflecting the natural world, the soul seasons transform at solstices and equinoxes. The light and dark aspects of our inner lives move from attention to ourselves as earthly beings to attention to ourselves as spiritual beings and returns. In summertime’s light and warmth, our souls embrace our intense perceptions of the world. But in the dark, cold silence of early winter, our souls turn inward seeking the Spirit. Inner Christmas focuses on your soul at its “Inner Solstice” and its birth of new inner light.

What do we find for our spirit-seeking souls at the Winter Solstice? The inner Winter Solstice is the time when the “I,” the pure selfhood—the inner sun—seeks rebirth in the soul. The “I” dawns anew within the soul, and with this dawning come new perspectives, new insights, new intentions, new freedom and new love. These are the gifts of Inner Christmas.

The Soul’s Inner Nativity

We can’t think of Christmas without relating it to the birth of Jesus Christ. We know about the baby in the manger, the two parents, the shepherds the kings, the animals, the choirs of angels, the star and, above all, the mysterious imagination of the Son of God born a human being. How does this connect with Inner Christmas?

The experience of Inner Christmas is esoteric—“eso” is Greek for within. It is intimate and personal. All that matters is your own experience of and feeling for the birth of the divine as a human being. Where do you find this experience of the esoteric divinity? In your own heart.

All the exoteric, religious, cultural aspects of the Nativity story have an inner reflection and meaning that can live freely in each individual as personal experience regardless of their beliefs and background. Esoteric mysteries are both individual and universal and that is the source of their sacred significance. The Christmas mysteries, when earthly nature and heavenly firmament touch each other within your soul, hold the possibility of sacred significance.

Some of the key esoteric elements of the soul’s inner nativity reflect the humble birth of the innocent Divine Child, the awakening to a new sense of destiny at Epiphany, the warm, earthly simplicity of the shepherds and the star-filled wisdom of the three Magi. All these elements find personal meaning in your heart and your soul. Inner Christmas is the path to a new yearly meaning of each element. I explore the esoteric Nativity further in my book, Six Ways to Celebrate Christmas! & Celebrate You!


The Inner Christmas Messages

The twelve Inner Christmas messages give a focus to your inner nativity experience. Each year the theme of the messages is presented from twelve perspectives or elements. You may find your Inner Christmas birth in one particular message or in the tapestry woven by all twelve messages.

Since 2004, I have given twelve gifts to everyone on my mailing list. They are opened and read by thousands of people around our planet. Join them and celebrate Inner Christmas.

Sharing your Experience of the Messages

I email the complete message to you. Just open the email and read it. You are welcome to forward it to friends and family.

You are invited to enrich each Inner Christmas message by leaving a comment on the blog
Each Inner Christmas message is posted on a blog of only 12 posts, plus an introduction to the them for the year and a closing message. Write from your warm heart and share your personal wisdom with the message.

Many families share the messages and work with the questions together. From the beginning, I have received responses from readers telling me how they read the message with their spouse or their teenagers and have great conversations about the topic. Even young children can connect with the topics (although I recommend as a parent to share the topic in a simple question with your little ones).