I base all my Inner Year writing, teaching and healing on the commitment that all spiritual realities must be made practical and functional in our material lives or they are simply “stories,” beautiful, powerful, frightening, soothing, but without daily practical impact. I want to spiritualize my material life and materialize my spiritual life. I want to become as fully human and fully divine as I can become and I want you to become as fully human and fully divine as you can become in each year. I want to surprise myself with my own evolving meaning and I want to delight in your evolving meaning. Each cycle of the year, I want to follow the inner processes that imbue me with more love. And I am willing to work at it.

Imagine instead of looking at each passing year as growing older, you could experience your heartsoul becoming a greater source of overflowing love year after year. Imagine the love that comes from greater self-knowledge and the love that comes from greater knowledge of other human souls.

Attending to the unfolding of the Inner Year each year will give you the nurturing support, the guiding imaginations and questions, and the creative perspectives to cultivate your love of self and other, your love for the earthly and the divine, and your love for the mystery and wonder of existence. Perhaps the greatest gift of the Inner Year is it’s compassionate cyclical return. You do not need to do it all at once, like the sun, your soul revisits each Inner Year festival with its particular expression and admonition every year. Like a growing oak, each year brings deeper roots, a stronger and taller trunk, more branches, more leaves and more acorns. As you move through each year you evolve into a new you, the same and different, less and more, something comes toward you and something moves away – all of this to deepen, enrich, heal, liberate and strengthen your ability and capacity to give and receive love.