Lately, I find myself sharing with my clients the importance of speaking from their bones and their skin! So much power lives in the voice that carries the consciousness of bones and skin. Let me share this with you especially as you think about your contribution.

Bones, our glorious 206 bones, allow us to stand tall and make effective and productive gestures. They contain marrow, the source of our blood. Bones give us vitality, strength and presence.

Skin, our largest organ, contains all that we are with resilence and tenderness. It breathes our being. It sweats and purifies. It never hides. Skin, calloused or soft, protects our form. Amazing.

When you speak from your bones and your skin you have a sense of yourself that allows you to speak your truth with calm certainty. You know where you stand and you know your boundaries. As I said very powerful!

Those of us who suffered trauma lost our sense of our bones and our skin. We lost our ability to stand for our rights, for our integrity, for our individuality. We lost our boundaries and the sense that there is a sacred wholeness to our existence and a sacred pace in which we dwell.

Without our bones and our skin, our ability to recognize, declare and fulfill our unique contribution is challenged. We may chose to be safe, rather than true. We defend, rather than declare. We dream, rather than develop.

I encourage you to pay creative, healing attention to your bones and your skin.

Let me share my personal bones story: I found my bones, the skeleton of my own being, about 7 years ago. It was transformative, healing and liberating. I felt my structure and my powerful uprightness. I now live in my bones and speak from their vital marrow! As my bone consciousness and bone self matures, my attention is now on my pelvis which supports the organs and activities of digestion and reproduction.

The part of my soul that dwells in my pelvis is my will. Through my will I make my contribution to the world and the future.

Dreams form in my skull.
Desires breathe in my ribcage.
Deeds birth in my pelvis.

If you have never paid attention to YOUR bones, begin now. Think of something you long to do. Imagine it just with your skull, then your ribs, and finally your pelvis. What is the difference? If you have trouble with imagining the force of your pelvis, google an image of a pelvis, so you can see it. It is massive. Then feel your creative energy drop into your own pelvis and speak about your contribution. This is a spiritual exercise of self-consciousness. Keep practicing – it will make a big difference in how you nourish and birth your contribution.

I invite you to experience more about the mysteries of Contribution. Here is the description of the course which begins in a few days. Click here.