Life is a High Wire…Are you Out of Balance?

Are you confused? Are you having difficulty making a choice? Does your life look like you want it to? Is there too much or too little of something or everything?

Are you floating away with your fantasies or collapsing under the weight of your daily drudgery?

Do you lean towards things, people, activities or pull back? Are your relationships too intense or too distant?  Do you work too hard or not enough or love too hard or not enough? There are lots and lots of out-of-balance questions.  You probably ask your self these questions all the time or just declare and bemoan your lack of balance.

Your life is out of balance!

Don’t go negative around this statement.

  1.  Almost everyone is out of balance in some way.  
  2. What were you ever taught about balance?  
  3. It is very advanced work to learn what feels balanced to you (it is not about what looks balanced to everyone, its about what feels balanced to YOU.) 
  4. Balance is a true mystery and life is a high wire.

What needs to be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided to get you to that equal sign?

I want you to worry about balance so that you pay attention to it, question it, discover it, define it, maintain it, challenge it. Get an education in balance.  Grasp and wrestle with the essential elements of creative balance. Balance is not tame, easy, or compliant. It takes focus, core confidence and practice, practice, practice.  And lots of tipping over, spinning around and course correcting. Just ask Phillipe Petit.

To walk or dance on the High Wire of Life, you need to be knowledgeable about the wire, choose your balancing pole, know your body, be confident, feel your strong feet and align your head with your heart. You can discover your inner balance needs by taking the Inner Year Balance program beginning next weekend. I urge you to watch, at least a hundred times, the brilliant documentary on Philllipe Petit, MAN ON A WIRE.  Here is the wikipedia link to this master of the mysteries of balance on so many levels. 


Are your balance points where you want them to be to be content and creative?

Balance of tension and relaxation?
Balance of activity and rest?
Balance of attention and diversion?
Balance of self and other?
Balance of work and play?
Balance of spirit and matter?
Balance of moving toward  and moving away?

The balance I am exploring in these questions is the balance of proportion. Is your life in the right proportion for you? Right proportion provides you with a core sense of self and an ability to stand strongly in the world without falling into confusion, doubt, anxiety or exhaustion.

Only you can determine and maintain your balance. 

Once you find balance, you find yourself. Life nourishes, restores, creates, takes off, makes meaning, feels good when you have your sense of balance. Best of all, you laugh a lot more at yourself, the world and the gods.

At the same time, I want you to consider the mysteries of being off balance.  Being consciously off balance will not create dizziness or other disturbing feelings because you know how to restore balance. Its an art and requires knowledge, skill and practice. It is a science that requires research, experimentation and proof. And it is the sense of the divine majesty of your selfhood which requires imagination, inspiration and intuition.

To move we go off balance consciously, moving our weight from one foot to the other.
We leave the security and stability of balance when we take risk and do, think or feel differently. Having the wisdom of choosing to be off center, also brings more laughter.

I feel it is so important to understand the concept and perception of balance. With attention, balance becomes a personal art form providing the firm standpoint  for inner truth, beauty and goodness. For you, the true sense of self,  that allows you to stand strongly in the world.


The SATURDAY sessions begin next weekend, AUGUST 21.   The THURSDAY evening sessions begin the following week, AUGUST 25.  The course is recorded and you can download any session you need to miss.  Learn more here.

This course will not balance your life.  It will give you a way to work with the mysteries of balance.  It is a schooling of the meaning, purpose and possibilities of creative personal balance.  It will empower you to create balance in your inner life and outer life – not a magic wand, but a clearing of the way. And enjoy the blessing and fun found in the confidence of standing at the edge of startling cliffs and feeling off balance before you start to fly.

You will arrive at the Autumn Equinox with a new sense of creative equanimity – an inner Equinox.