Intimacy – Finding the Courage and the Compassion to Know and Being Known.

Life is a schooling for intimacy and most of us are flunking out and repeating the introductory courses over and over. Why?

Intimate relationships are a big risk. They ask us to be transparent and vulnerable. They ask us to tell the truth and hear the truth. They ask us to connect with others but from a place of not needing or depending. They ask us to be creative and not conform even to our own fantasies. They ask us to trust and to forgive.

But most of us surround ourselves with a shield of impenetrable defenses. Tell partial-truths and invite partial lies. We connect out of deep neediness seeking to fulfill personal fantasy and conforming to familial and cultural expectations. We are not confident enough in ourselves to truly trust another and unresolved ancient wounds make it impossible to truly forgive new ones.

Yes, it sounds harsh and makes us sad to compare the ideal with the shadowy reality. Focusing on intimacy for four weeks will not be a magic wand turning our capacities for intimacy into happily ever after but it will open a path and take us a step or two closer to something well-worth our struggles.

The Inner Year Intimacy Intensive gently evokes a new consciousness around relationships. Consciousness enlightens like an inner sun. In the light we can find our way. Intimacy is a difficult and challenging journey. It is much easier to stay on the path in the light of insight, confidence and compassion, than in the darkness of unconscious instincts, blind assumptions and selfish expectations.

Most of us find we have little understanding and consequently, little success, at establishing the kind of conscious intimacy that blesses us with real love.
The Inner Year Intimacy Intensive will give you the guidance to change your relationship to intimacy and deepen the intimacy of your relationships.

Intimacy begins with self knowledge. The Inner Year Intensive on Intimacy will offer a chance to question yourself about intimacy.

You will learn to distinguish the four levels of intimacy: physical, energetic, soul and spiritual.

You will begin to know your own particular
patterns and styles,

You will recollect and clarify your history of intimacy. The course supports you in beginning a biographical review of your intimate relationships and their impact on your life. You will create a visual intimacy timeline.

You will learn the difference between attachment and intimacy and discover a rich independence.

You will find encouragement to seek truth through your intimate conversations.

You will learn how essential anger is to forgiveness. (Probably the most liberating and creative content of the course.)

To get the most from this INNER YEAR teleseminar you will need to be willing
to be a little uncomfortable,
to stretch a little beyond your usual limits
to not be afraid of the dark – what is hidden
or the light. – what is revealed
to form and commit to a spiritual practice of self-reflection

Self Reflective Spiritual Practice
is spiritual investment of your time and your attention focusing on awakening and maturing your thinking about a particular aspect who you are. This almost always involves reflecting on your past – who you have been, and imagining your future – who you will become, while experiencing freedom in the present moment. Freedom in the present moment allows you to connect to the archetypes of being human and view your past and your future from multiple perspectives. The Inner Year courses help you to experience the archetypes. You develop a coherent picture of yourself that allows you to comprehend, manage and discover meaning in your existence.

Imagine relating to intimacy in freedom.

The Logistics

The Course is a TELESEMINAR. We meet over a conference call.

I am forming two groups for this work. There are only 10 spaces.

The SUNDAY AFTERNOON Group calls begin at 4PM EASTERN.
July 11, 18, 25 and August 1

The THURSDAY EVENING Group calls begin at 8PM EASTERN
July 15, 22, 29 and August 5

Calls are 90 minutes long. Yes that is a long time to be on the phone, but the time goes quickly, the material is rich and the listening profound.

You will be partnered with another participant. Each week you and your partner will schedule a 30-60 minute call when you will work together on the course material and share your struggles and your progress with your work.

You will also have a 20 minute private consultation with me during the last two weeks of the course.

You will receive a recording of each group session. This recording is confidential and is only for your listening. It is very helpful to relisten to the session. Knowing that you will receive the recording, allows you to relax during the actual session and not feel you must remember everything. Relaxation helps with learning.

The Cost is $120
. Is your life of intimate relationship worth this investment? You bet! If you are really strapped financially and need a discount, call me at 646-797-9669. I am also willing to do a payment schedule.

You can register for the course by clicking this link.


where you can pay via credit card or PayPal. You can also pay by check but will still need to register through the link.

Call with any questions: 646-797-9669