How does your path of self-development change with the Equinox?

The Solstices and the Equinoxes are turning points for the work of self-knowledge. The Inner Year is a cosmic organizing and nurturing principle for your inner life just as Nature’s Year organizes and nurtures life on Earth.
If you think of your Higher Self as your Inner Sun organizing the process and nurturing the progress of your inner development, you will want to follow its seasonal directions in your attention to finding yourself, knowing yourself, becoming yourself.

For your inner development, spiritual and moral, Autumn is the time of the cosmic inner year when your Inner Sun directs your focus to your relationship with what lives in the darkness of earthly existence.

In the shadows of your self-awareness, you find the challengers that distort your development. These challengers grow their strength in darkness. This is why, counter to the diminishing light of Autumn in Nature, your Inner Sun glows with more light following the Equinox, illuminating the darkness and your hidden challengers, allowing you to call their names, contain and limit their power, and develop your inner courage.

Your Inner Sun sits at the horizon of your consciousness. Only your inner work can move it above the horizon so it can enlighten and empower your sense of self and form the right relationship to spirit and matter.

As you contemplate on your Inner Equinox, take heart, and look into the shadows and encounter the challengers. You might want to post your thoughts to share with others by leaving a comment.