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This guide will give you direction for establishing your own Holy Nights’ contemplations. Create 12 different questions, qualities,  or perspectives to contemplate, journal, and question between Christmas and Epiphany.

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The theme for the Messages for 2023/24 is

The Twelve Blessings for Sacred Sanity

The Four Great Archangels: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Michael inspire our souls with 3 blessings each. These blessings maintain the sacred health, well-being, and sanity of our souls.

Gabriel Inspires Sapience

Blessings for confidence in yourself as a seeker of truth and wisdom…     awakening the Inner Gabriel.

Raphael Inspires Serenity

Blessings for confidence in yourself as a seeker of beauty and freedom…    awakening the Inner Raphael.

Uriel Inspires Sufficiency

Blessings for confidence in yourself as a seeker of goodness and love…    awakening the Inner Uriel

Michael Inspires Sovereignty

Blessings for confidence in yourself as a seeker of strength & selfhood…    awakening the Inner Michael.

Each Archangel will inspire

three messages for self-contemplation


one conversation for the gathering of understanding on Zoom

PS: Please share Inner Christmas with your friends and family.

PPS: If your mother tongue is not English, you are welcome to translate the messages for your friends and family that do not read English. Please send me an email and let me know you are doing this – it gives me joy to know these gifts are being shared. The act of translating is also a spiritual practice of finding the right words to express the living thought.

FYI: Timing

There is one dilemma I am not able to solve – the timing of the delivery of the messages. I don’t have the time or the technology and if you can help with this, many would be very grateful. I send each message out shortly after midnight Eastern time zone.

The ideal time to read the message and work with it is after sunset when nature’s day is dark, silent and cold. See the Guide. Depending on where on the planet you live, you may receive the message early or late, even the next day.

My solution is esoteric, imaginative, and free from the senses. I suggest that no matter what your senses tell you about light, sound, and temperature, you build an inner Holy Night’s imagination: Fill your soul with a focused light surrounded by a creative darkness, a cosmic silence filled with the soothing harmony of the sacred spheres, and a core warmth to overcome the chill of earthly distraction or cool the warm temperatures of the Southern Hemisphere. Within this imagination, any time is the right time for your Inner Christmas contemplations.

I do urge you to consider dedicating a particular time of day and a certain amount of moments to spend on this every day during the Holy Nights. The imagination and dedication will strengthen your inner life throughout the year.

The Guide for Inner Christmas will help you set the mood and the intention.

In our busy, busy, very distracting lives we can postpone or forget our intentions for our inner work. If you find yourself neglecting Inner Christmas, forgive yourself and read them whenever. The Holy Nights have a profound spiritual quality to them, but your heart might find their energy flaming up in April or July.

You might also find it very helpful to commit to working with someone else, especially if your commitment to your inner development is fragile and easily forgotten. Having a commitment to sharing the experience with another, strengthens the commitment to yourself.

I also want to encourage you to leave comments sharing your experience with each message.

I am so glad you have chosen to celebrate the Inner Christmas.

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With Inner Christmas warmth,