The future is going to require greatness of soul from each of us. And the future starts now!

You feel it , don’t you? Things are changing. Most think the change is a relentless slide into darkness, but I would say that is just the view from the weakness of soul,  from those fearing the future, clinging to an inner status quo, and hoping for divine intervention.

Greatness of soul views the future, both the personal future and the collective future, with empowered relaxation and inner equanimity. It regards both inner and outer changes with thoughtfulness and willingness. Threat and chaos are met with sober, creative courage and the calm and certain capacity to evaluate, regulate, sacrifice and evolve.

Greatness of soul does not hold on, it let’s go. It does not panic and hate, it forges on to new worlds with compassion and creativity.  It does not adapt or conform, rather it dies and is resurrected in a new truth. Nor does not depend on joy and passion, romance and reward in relationships or work as ways to prove value and confirm meaning.  

Make a list of the attributes (capabilities, qualities, states, and virtues) that live in a soul capable of greatness.  Begin with writing down at least 100.  You might want to reflect on individuals who have demonstrated greatness of soul and write down all the words that describe them.

Once you have your list (and you can always add to it) see if you can organize and categorize the items.  Maybe five categories.  Name the categories. I would give you suggestions, but I want you to really ponder, reflect, imagine (all capacities of greatness of soul.

Greatness of soul is not a  given nor a constant, not even for saints or heroes. It requires intentional preparation and the inner development of of these attributes establishing a poised readiness for the moment and the need. 

How do you prepare your soul for greatness in our uncertain times?

When I did this exercise, I realized why I am so convinced that each of us cultivate and nurture our own equanimity of soul.  Equanimity is the foundation of greatness of soul. Behind all the other attributes is equanimity.


from Latin aequanimitas, from aequus ‘equal’ + animus ‘mind.’

“…the cultivation of a certain inner balance (equanimity). The student endeavors to retain his composure in the face of joy and sorrow, and eradicates the tendency to fluctuate between the seventh heaven of joy and the depths of despair. Misfortune and danger, fortune and advancement alike find him ready armed.” Rudolf Steiner

On Wednesday, June 25 at 8PM Eastern I will be offering a 60 minute fr^e webinar on Inner Equanimity & Greatness of Soul – I’ll go over the 12 elements of Inner Equanimity and how to recognize and measure the presence and health of each one. 


the four vital energies:
light, warmth, tone and force.



the four essential states:
safe, calm, awake and nourished



the four basic emotions:
anger, happiness, fear and sadness


My upcoming retreat on Equanimity and Empowered Relaxation only has room for 12 participants, so I wanted to share with you some of the basic insights.  And if you are deciding whether to come all the way to Chapel Hill to spend four days with me and 11 other souls developing and fine tuning your equanimity and your relaxation, you will be able to ask questions and get clear if this would be right for you at this time in your unfolding life.

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