Here is a question to guide you into an Inner Life reflection.  Take the time and discover something about yourself.  It will clarify and strengthen the choices you make.  And if you like what you find, consider joining my upcoming Inner Life program: Cycles, Themes, Patterns, Threads: An Introduction to Biographical Review.
In a couple of days, you will also receive the announcement of my upcoming Inner Year program: Connecting with Spiritual Beings.  I share some thoughts on remaining connected to loved ones who have crossed the Threshold of Death.  We all have lost the physical presence of someone we dearly loved and long to reach out to them with love. I hope my thoughts in my next message will help you fulfill your desire.
Much warmth and inner light in these darkening days,
The Question…
Where have you felt at home?

The keyword in this Inner Life theme question is “felt.”  Home is a feeling, not an address. Here are two exercises one is about the feeling of home, the other is about the address.

The Feeling

Home might be a location, a dwelling, a friendship, a community, a type of work or artistic activity, a spiritual path. I repeat, home is a feeling. Journal about your feeling at home in all these different aspects of your waking life.

The Address
Now that you have explored the feeling of being at home, look at the places where you have slept. When and where has it truly been home? Home should reflect you and provide for you. What about you does your home need to reflect for you to feel at home? What does a dwelling need to provide for you for you to feel at home? Journal about all the places you have slept and felt at home or not felt at home.

If you spend some serious time wondering about these questions, you will discover something important about your life.  You will see into your past in a way that liberates you in the present and empowers your future. What is your unconscious pattern around feeling at home?  Do you see a thread that is pulling you toward a sense of home that is a fulfillment of destiny?

Imagine how working with this Inner Life question in a group of other individuals seeking, like you, to know themselves could deepen your imaginations around feeling at home.  Imagine the mutual sharing of home images, feelings and experiences waking up a memory or a new insight in another person and healing or enriching their sense of home. 

If these Inner Life questions inspire you, please consider joining the next Inner Life teleseminar (even if you don’t feel at home on the telephone) . Inner Life teleseminars are a place where you will feel at home discovering yourself.

Inner Life Programs

discovering the wisdom in your biography!
with Lynn Jericho

Cycles, Themes, Patterns, and Threads
An Introduction to Biographical Review

All lives unfold in unique expressions of archetypal cycles, themes, patterns and threads. This course reveals both the archetypes and your own individual expression of them.  Knowing the archetypes and discovering your unique, even original, relationship to them, is profoundly liberating as you begin to know your “I.”

Without biographical review, our lives are recollected in disjointed, often chaotic and distorted, snapshots and movie clips and filled with confused emotions. Often there are whole aspects of our life experience that we don’t remember leaving holes in our sense of self. Working with cycles and themes, you find a new relationship to your memories and even recall forgotten ones.  You discover the patterns and threads of your life.

The effect of doing this work in the social realm of a group of strangers is the truly wonderful awakening of compassion for other. You develop a sensitive reading of the memory book of life-impacting environments, relationships, and events, that lives over and over again in the thoughts, deeds, emotions and desires of yourself and others. You carry this experience into the rest of your life and meet life with a new confidence and a new interest.

Through this introductory biographical review, your memories become a guide book to fulfilling your destiny. Your memories stop being dreams and dramas as they take on real meaning.  You find the freedom to bring new perspectives on old stories.  You recognize wounds as lessons.  You sense the mysterious wisdom living in your past.

In this introductory course, you will learn

  • the meaning of each year in the seven year cycle
  • the process of embodiment over the first 21 years
  • the the archetypal soul wounds
  • the meaning of karma

Most importantly, you will learn about yourself.  The Inner Life programs are about self-knowledge, self-healing, self-expression and self-compassion. You begin to have a right relationship to your life.

This is a teleseminar offered via the telephone and the internet.  It is live and interactive with presentation and sharing. There are nine sessions.  Each session is 90 minutes. There are extensive handouts sent via email.

In addition to the sessions, there is homework and weekly calls with another member of the group (beginning after the 4th session).

The fee is $180. 

The course is offered:
Saturdays 4:00 – 5:30 PM Eastern Oct 23 – Dec 18
Tuesdays 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern Oct 26 – Dec 21

Payment Plans and Discounts are available.  Email me