Encounters: Engaging Your Spiritual Companions
A Webinar with Lynn Jericho
Thursdays at 8PM Eastern beginning October 27
Sundays at 4PM Eastern beginning October 30 

This is the time of the Inner Year when we bring our attention to the rich reality and enriching relationships we have with Spiritual Beings.

With the ghosts and spooks of Halloween and the Holy Day of All Saints, our souls turn to beings who are beyond ordinary perception. Most of us have a feeling of connection to spiritual beings and often engage them through prayer, contemplation, sacred reading, and supplication.  Rarely do we name them or understand their powers and their relationship to human beings.

I offer this course to share with others the comforting and challenging reality of spiritual beings from elementals, to the great Hierarchies, to those across the threshold of death. The imaginations I offer, inspired by Rudolf Steiner, will bring new confidence and depth to your inner life and to your daily life of work and relationships.  Spiritual Beings surround human beings offering guidance, comfort and love.  They are eager for our conscious engagement. 
I also bring insights to the processes of engagement. What is prayer? Are there specific times when communication with non-corporeal being will be more successful? Are there threats to our relationship with spiritual beings? 

Sunday school shaped our pictures of our relationships with our spiritual companions for young minds and a sense to strengthen the power of the institutional dogma. You are an adult now ready for mature and liberating imaginations about connecting with angels, the dead, nature spirits and others.  Explore the possibilities and engage!

In four 60 minute sessions, you will learn how to 
  • distinguish your spiritual companions and the roles they play in your life.
  • create a more active engagement with these companions
  • feel more deeply the support of the spiritual world
  • overcome the challenges to your relationship to your companions
  • connect with your loved ones that have crossed the threshold of death

Session One: Your Guardian Angel
The three stages of relationship with your guardian angel.
The meaning and sacred moods of conversation
Reverie – a sacred way of knowing
Prayer, Meditation, Conversation

Session Two: The Spiritual Hierarchies
The Three Challenges to Conversations with Spiritual Beings: Doubt, Fantasy, Distortion
Knowing and Conntecting with Angels, Archangels, Archai
Knowing and Connecting with Exusai, Dynamis, Kryiotetes (and how to pronounce these strange names)
Knowing and Connecting with Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphim.
Beings Beyond the Hierarchies

Session Three: Nature Spirits

The Four Directions of Conversations
The Four Times for Conversations with Spiritual Beings
What Spiritual Beings Don’t Hear
Distinguishing the Types of Nature Spirits and their Deeds
The Development of the Human Soul

Session Four: The Human Spirit

The Spirit of the Individual
Mysteries of Incarnation, Excarnation and Reincarnation
Needs of the Embodied Spirit
The Dead and the Unborn
Future Karma
Review of the Course

Cost: $47

You do not have to be present live on the webinar to receive the benefits of this course.

Sessions are recorded and available for download. Materials including the slide presentations are sent via email.

Thursday Sessions:
October 27, November 3, 10. 17
Time: 8 – 9 PM Eastern

Sunday Sessions:
October 30, November 6, 13, 20
Time:  4 – 5 PM Eastern      


Supplemental Private Sessions:

Individually scheduled, will provide deep intimate attention to your personal questions and needs regarding your relationship to spiritual beings. These sessions cost $40 for 30 minutes. You can email Lynn.  [email protected]