We are more than a week into the seven weeks of the Lenten Season.

How is your inner work approaching the amazing strength that comes with vanquishing temptations?  Could Inner Lent help your soul?

I offered Inner Lent for the first time in 2009.  For seven years, this course has been the way I, personally, build my capacity to vanquish the three great temptations I face every day: my insatiable addictions, my grandiose fantasies, and my egotistical prejudices: the three sources of my suffering, my disappointment, and my loneliness.

Do you suffer from a lack of nourishment in your soul, in your daily life? Are you tempted by addictions?
Have your dreams disappointed you? Are you tempted by fantasies?
Do you feel isolated in your views of the world, yourself, your relationships, the meaning and purpose of life? Are you tempted by prejudices?

Over seven years, Inner Lent has helped me forego my prejudices and become more open to other points of view so I am able to connect with others with more warmth and interest.  I have become more humble and grounded in making my dreams practical, useful and successful and I spend less time wishing and waiting for miracles.  My addictions seem less transformed than the temptations, but I am less ashamed of them and more aware of their roots and their consequences. In other words, I see my addictions as stones that will never be bread and they cause me less suffering.

Inner Lent lives in me all year round evolving my consciousness of “no” into a healing, liberating and empowering gesture of my soul.  I am growing a right relationship to my desires for easy satisfaction, for miraculous rescue and for dominating influence.  I say “no” to their whispering temptations. I can correct, dismiss and disregard the tempters.

Inner Lent does not offer a quick fix or sudden saintliness, rather it supports a slow transformative practice and a better way of living in yourself and in the world.  It offers a number of insights that will nourish your soul, provide you with practical realities for making sense of your life, and open you up to enriching and compassionate ways of understanding the perspectives of yourself and others.

I can promise these benefits because I practice Inner Lent.  Inner Lent is a resource to keep me contained when I find myself slipping into the insatiable, grandiose, and egotistical shadows in my soul.  

This is not the Lenten experience you learned about in Sunday school. Inner Lent takes the New Testament mystery of the 40 days in the wilderness to an imagination that will resonate with your adult consciousness, your intimate needs and your daily life. It is so much more than giving up wine, chocolate, facebook or shopping.

Signing up for Inner Lent gives you year around and lifetime access to the existing content and all the additional content that I offer…new and more developed handouts, new live and recorded webinars over the coming years.  

If not now, when? Why continue to live with a vulnerable and unclear relationship to the forces that want to corrupt your sense of self and your purpose in the world?  

If you have any questions, email me.  lynnjericho at gmail dot com. Tell me all your questions.  Let me know what tempts you and you can’t believe you could ever vanquish.  

To learn about and register for Inner Lent and the Three Modern Temptations, click here.