Do not sign up for Core Imaginations lightly, but do not dismiss Core Imaginations lightly, either.

Core Imaginations is a leap into the mysterious depths of pure selfhood, the holy solitude where you belong to no one but yourself. It where you choreograph your own sacred dance.

Core Imaginations brings harmony and humor, irony and delight to your soul’s questions and answers. It teaches you how to wonder.

Core Imaginations is not about striving for an ideal, healing trauma, discovering passion, or creating relationship.

Core Imaginations is an education in being human and observing yourself. It is radically new and radically comprehensive. It is inspired and inspiring.  Of course, it is rooted in the wisdom of human consciousness but it brings surprises that offer a next step in how we, all human beings, know and love ourselves and others.

Let me share what Core Imaginations has given me.

This is the short list…everyday it grows as I self-reflect.

I am no longer my stories.  I am no longer seeking to have my life be about a “better” story, a happier life. Yet, I find much more happiness in being me and living everyday.

I am in my body, in my life with a radically objective enthusiasm…free of self-judgment. I don’t need to change or correct anything.  But I can now recognize and name, organize and categorize, evaluate and regulate, sacrifice and evolve the many parts of myself with profound loving interest and discernment.

My heart opened and kindness flowed forth.  Core Imaginations did not teach me “how to be” kind. It woke up a gentleness, generosity, and awe for myself and all others.

Forgiveness penetrates my past.  Courage penetrates my future.

I’ve learned that happiness lives in time through precious experiences in my life.  Wisdom appears in relativity – the constantly changing relationships of Beauty, Goodness and Truth in my soul.  Love and Freedom shine in the sudden bolts and flashes of the Absolute in my I.  

I am so much closer to myself, in myself, and paradoxically, I am able to step back from myself and shine a light on myself from more distance and less attachment.

I am safe, calm, awake, and nourished by life most of the time.

In working with my ten core images of self, I am in constant movement with a dynamic balance. I no longer cling to rigid identities that require defenses, homeostasis, and a fixed aesthetic.  

I have a new understanding of my will and my goals. 

I see myself in the four realms of existence: space, time, relativity, the absolute. I experience my self differently in each of these realms and I evolve differently in each of them. Each night I reflect on my experience of self in each realm and I know myself for another day.

I experience the inner joy at the constant movement of the ten core imaginations. I can now see this tenfold movement as a glorious sacred dance. My dance.  And free of expectation, I can watch the dance of others and celebrate their unique selfhood (so different from mine.)  Can you imagine the joy that brings?

Please join Core Imaginations.

Take the cosmic leap!

Learn the joyful dance!

Know Yourself!