Do you ever want to connect with a loved one who has died?

There is a thread in your heart that ties you to many souls who are no longer living.  How do you work with this thread?  Do you know how to connect actively with the dead? The true core of each human being is spirit and spirit does not die but it does end a lifetime.  Our connections are deeper and more lasting than the end of a lifetime. We can stay connected beyond time and space.

Staying connected is not about avoiding mourning. We grieve the loss of the daily sense impressions of our loved one and there seems to be no more story to live.  But going forward we can stay connected spiritually and spiritually the relationship can continue and be profoundly fulfilling.

Before death, we connect with our waking consciousness of our senses.  We see with our eyes, Hear with our ears. Touch with our fingers.  And our stories are told by our likes and dislikes, our drives and  desires, our agreements and our disagreements.

After death, inspired by our mourning, we can stay connected through our heart and through sleep.  Our hearts do not need the senses to love and be loved and the stories found in deep sleep will not be told by the drama and ideals of responses and reactions.

Call out to the dead before you go to sleep.  Ask them questions or simply wonder about them. Offer them your open heart. Fall asleep and enter the spiritual conversation.  When you wake up, you will feel the connection and the spiritual conversations will glimmer in your consciousness.

I have found two activities very helpful.  I will read from a spiritual text before falling asleep.  These words take me beyond the drama and the wishes of ordinary connection and open my heart.  Upon waking, I will journal and capture the mystery of the feelings and discover the spiritual warmth and sometimes quite practical wisdom that could only come from one free of the fetters of the senses and the stories but still connected in love.

This is one way to stay connected.  

In this season of the dead, I encourage you to reach out with love.
With love,

Connecting To Spiritual Beings
an Inner Autumn program

The more one is oneself, the more one feels alone. But the pain of feeling “alone” is very different from the anguish of feeling “abandoned.”
Marcelle Spira, Swiss psychoanalyst

Each of us feels the need to awaken fully to the self, to the meaning and significance of what we refer to when we say “I,” during our lifetime.  As we discover our selfhood, we  separate from our identities in the world and our connections to other human beings.  This can be psychologically very scary and  threatening.  We discover that knowing our individuality necessarily separates us from others.  We become a solo subject, with strange and subtle relationships to all other things.  We may feel the grief of being alone or the nightmare of being abandoned. We experience ourselves abandoning all limiting attachments in order to hold on to this sacred sense of oneself. This is our earthly dilemma.

If we explore this spiritually, we come to another experience.  We experience being all one.  If the core of the experience of “I” is spiritual, recognizing ourselves as spiritual beings living an earthly existence of separateness, then another reality comes into our consciousness.  There is no separation in spiritual reality and selfhood coexists in our consciousness with being all one.  We find eternal connection.

To overcome the pain of aloneness and the horror of abandonment, we need to know the presence of spiritual beings.  Who are the beings that never abandon us? That always honor and support our selfhood? How do we relate to these beings? What do they want from us, the human beings, if anything?

The first step in having an active and conscious relationship to spiritual beings, is to know their names and their deeds.

In this teleseminar series, we will build a creative understanding and imagine a meaningful relationship with spiritual beings.  We will look at our connections to…

our own guardian angel – this connection will surprise you as it is not the sweet relationship,

the spiritual hierarchies – these beings bring a wonderful creative order to our existence

  • angels, archangels, archai – these beings support the human life and activities and interact with us all the time
  • exusiai, dynanmis, kyriotetes – these beings support creation (and have these unpronouncable Greek names)
  • thrones, cherubim, seraphim – these beings offer divine substances to our thoughts, feelings and deeds

…elementals and nature spirits – these beings are all around the earthly world and can be very helpful and they thrive on our attention.

…the dead and the unborn – those on either side of the threshold of earthly life – if the core of the self is spirit – there is a part of each us that needs no birth and never dies.  These loved ones are always with us even if we cannot see them.
the spiritual core living in our own hearts and the hearts of other human beings
We will also look at the challenges to these connections and the path to overcome these threats.
The course will help you develop spiritual connections that will take away the fear of isolation and of the future. 
Inner Autumn Teleseminars

The Inner Autumn teleseminars are part of The Inner Year curriculum for personal development.  The Inner Year provides creative perspectives on the great psychospiritual needs of human consciousness and the questions living in the seeking soul. The Inner Year is based on the wisdom of the cycle of the seasons of the soul.

Connecting with Spiritual Beings
is a teleseminar offered via the telephone and the internet.  It is live and interactive with presentation and sharing. There are four sessions.  Each session is 60 minutes. Handouts are sent via email.

The course is offered:
Sundays 4:00 – 5:00 PM Eastern Oct 24 – Nov 14
Thursdays 8:00 – 9:0 PM Eastern Oct 28 – Nov 18

The fee is $47.


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