Celebrate Riches

This is the celebration of all the creations of humankind – our material riches.  We need to honor our creative efforts. There is joy in being grateful for all things useful and all things beautiful that exist as a result of human imagination and human productivity,

As I write I am listening to great music on my ipod.  I am wearing really comfortable shoes.  Today I had a Reuben sandwich made with house-cured Pastrami that was unbelievably tasty. I am knitting a sweater for my grandson from directions in a knitting magazine written by a woman I will never know – does she have a grandson?  Every morning I brush my teeth with a toothbrush that fits my hand and my mouth.  And those silk teabags shaped like a pyramid delight me.  Oh, the Pyramids!

In a little over a minute, I just celebrated and felt sweet gratitude for a number of things in my daily life and suddenly I was filled with the image of the sacred pyramids that I have never seen (not yet, anyway).  Oh, the mystery of the human soul that can think of comfortable shoes and the great pyramids and have lovely feelings about them both.

And neither would exist without the efforts of many, many human beings over centuries of civilization.  Who thought of the pyramids, who carved the stones, made the ropes, fed the workers and so forth?  Who fabricated the machine that made the rubber soles of my shoes, who packed them into the shoebox, who drove the truck that delivered them to the store?  I celebrate them all.

This week spend a couple of minutes everyday celebrating the riches of your daily life.  You will feel good doing it.