At the end of my message on celebrating nature, I said today’s message would be about celebrating divinity but after much thought I am calling it nativity. When I wrote my book, “Six Ways to Celebrate Christmas & Celebrate You!,” I did not “think” about calling the second celebration Nativity as Christmas is Nativity – it was obvious, a no brainer.  But this week I did think and think and it is the miracle of nativity that I want us to celebrate.

Divinity, God, Spirit what ever name we give IT is ever present and we celebrate IT in many ways with many beliefs.  I am asking you to bring celebration to the birth of the consciousness of divinity in your ordinary life. The birth of the Jesus takes place in humble space and in ordinary time.  No bells, no whistles accept to those who out of their simplicity (the Shepherds) or their wisdom (the three Kings) are paying attention.

I ask you with simple wisdom to wake up and pay attention to the sacred birth moments when you perceive the divine source found mysteriously before, behind, beyond and within all things.  Each moment is celebrated as a birth, a nativity.

Nature is always perceptible. So is Nativity but in such a different way.  Nature is perceptible to your senses.  Nativity is found in your thoughts when something  is born within your consciousness and lifts a veil or brings a dawning or fills you with first breath. It is not something you have ever thought before, no memory of the earthly or the personal. Yet, through being conceived in you in the moment, this thought takes you back before your birth and sends you out beyond the threshold of your death to a knowing that always is, or takes you behind your senses and their perceptions to something purely spiritual or moves you within to the holy center of things.

How did you experience, feel, know, understand the presence or the nativity of the Divine today?

If you are feeling uncertain, doubtful or confused perhaps it is because we can only point to this experience and can never describe it.  There are many, many great spiritual texts that point the reader to this experience far more clearly and beautifully than I am doing. In writing this, it is the courage to experience the birth of the new meaning that keeps me going in face of my own uncertainty, doubt and confusion.  Stay with me in this feeling – it is the mood of the threshold.  The nativity of the Divine is on the other side of these feelings.

You celebrate nativity by recalling something you thought or said or did during the day that was new and filled with love. Something that surprised you. Or celebrate your openness to the new, your readiness to conceive the sacred.

When your mind, heart or intention is truly open, what is that open space like?

What is the invitation living in that space?

What could fill that space completely?

A birth!