Yes, badass! What does this word mean in the context of Imagine Self? What does badass have to do with the soul? With spirituality? With the feminine?

This notion of the badass soul was inspired by a friend who is celebrating a new phase of her life. She is giving herself permission to be just who she is, in the moment, with badass truth, badass beauty and badass goodness. She was no longer willing to worry about appearances, fitting in, or making nice. She had touched her glorious core of her soul and her life and it was badass.

For me, badass is a feminine quality. Not the pink and pretty feminine that does not serve women or men, but the fierce, wise, embracing, wild feminine energy and consciousness all of humanity has been longing for. It is not about physical gender, but the powerful quality of birthing the new and the original.

Badass is beyond the ordinary, free of any defining tribal laws. Not seeking blessing, but bestowing blessing out of fully expressed selfhood. It is the presence of the Divine bursting forth in your consciousness and living in your choices.

Composing Your Badass Soul

A badass soul, your badass soul, no matter your gender, your age, your faith and beliefs can sit down and thoughtfully and uninhibitedly compose three essential self-celebrating documents:

a personal badass manifesto,

a personal badass declaration of independence and  

a personal badass ten commandments.

With a vibrant badass imagination in your thinking you can compose your personal manifesto, your personal statements on the truth of life, the truth of your being and the truth of relationship.

With an enthused badass imagination in your feeling you can declare your independence from past patterns, demands for performance and expectations of conformity. You can free yourself from all inner oppression and live a beautiful and harmonious life.

With a fiery badass imagination of goodness in your willing, you can reveal your inner commandments stating what you will and will not do to bring forth the love that only you can bring.

Live a Badass Life

Make a date with a badass friend and celebrate in badass ways. Make gifts of badass generosity. Tell your stories with badass integrity. Transform with badass courage.

Each time I write the word “badass” I feel like the sun is shining in my heart, full of light, radiating warmth, shining no matter what.  How does this utterly inspiring word make you feel? Badass is real beauty!

My badass wish for you is that you read this post several times and then start doing some badass imagining of yourself for yourself. Write. Question. Write some more. Question some more. Take a long walk. Invite a friend to do this Badass Work with you. Laugh out loud. Have a radical conversation with your angel. Name and vanquish your inner temptations.  Slay your inner demons. Celebrate your greatness. Write your manifesto. Write your declaration of independence. Write your ten commandments. Give yourself all the loving time you need.

Be badass. Celebrate Your Badass Soul.

(I know many readers of this post will love the idea of being badass but will feel anxious about actually showing up in the world as a full expression of your badass self.  My next blog will look at the four amazing reasons for your anxiety.)

Here are some links to great examples and guides for writing your manifesto, your declaration and your commandments. There are lots of others on the net.