I was suddenly almost awake. My body was demanding consciousness through vague discomforts. My shoulder, my wrist, my left hip all needed me to move.

My body then wanted to have a conversation with my soul. “Aren’t you uncomfortable, too?” My physical discomfort wanted company. Immediately my soul searched for its own discomfort. “Yes, I feel anxious and confused,”my soul responded to my body. That did it. I was awake when I wanted to be asleep. Damn. Discomfort in my body and discomfort in my soul. Actually I was too asleep to be awake and too awake to be asleep.

I needed comfort in order to return to sleep which was “normal” or I needed comfort to wake up and be productive in the sweet silence of a sleeping world.

This happened last night. Yesterday I had exercised and at 2AM my muscles decided to get even…crying like a newborn wanting comfort. Yesterday I also had designed the basic elements of my course, Enlivening the Twelve Comforts and, as usual, was struggling with how to promote it to my mailing list (that’s you and about 4000 others). I also struggled with some silly tech issues. So my body aches had no trouble engaging my soul sufferings in a pretty awful conversation…much worse than a dozen mosquitos flying around my head on a summer night.

So there I am with my twins, Body and Soul, wailing at me, desperate for comforting.

I took some ibuprofen for my body, but wondered how I was going to comfort my soul which was getting more distressed with every thought.  Then I saw the light, so obvious it was silly.  I had spent most of the day working on “Enlivening the Twelve Comforts.” Here was a perfect opportunity to practice what I preached. I often forget to do this.

As soon as I remembered the 12 comforts, I felt my soul surrender to their soothing presence. I didn’t need to over-think about one or more of the twelve, I just named a couple of them and this gentle wave of confidence flowed into my soul. I have a vague recall that it was only a few minutes before I fell asleep.

This is not a guarantee or a proof. It is an example of how you might find comfort in the Twelve Comforts as I did last night.

Learn about Enlivening the Twelve comforts by clicking here.

Please  join the community of Comfort. Join not just for all that you will receive, but with the feeling that your presence and participation will serve everyone else in the course. Be willing to give and receive.

Only through the comforted soul of the “I AM” can we fully understand with love and freedom other human souls , the comfort of “YOU ARE.”

Join the Community of Comfort! Click here.

I birth wondrous innocence.

I speak living questions.

I hear quiet wisdom

I feel tender self-compassion.

I express myself with courageous authenticity.

I embrace my limitations. (the magic sleeping pill)

I recognize my essential needs.

I activate my inner resolve.

I enliven my imaginations.

I perceive my inner freedom.

I radiate universal love.

I unite with cosmic harmonies.

When your soul perceives and understands these twelve comforts, all the other work of finding, knowing and becoming a fully manifest imagination of Self has an ever-present core.

I imagine the Spiritual Hierarchies provided us with these comforts as their gifts to us at our birth. But we must open these gifts and energize them. We must bring them to life!