“I Matter!”

Say this every day at least three times. Out loud! Feet on the Ground! Head High! Shoulders Relaxed! Chest full! 

Know that today (every day) you matter. You have value. You have significance. You have consequence. You have importance. You have meaning. You have purpose. 

You are spirit incarnated in the many moments of the day. You, through your thoughts, words, and deeds, materialize spirit. 

Do not be afraid of mattering. Do not be afraid of being of consequence and importance.

Most of us don’t know that we matter. Most of us don’t know why we matter. If we practice a nightly review if our day and reflect on what we celebrate, what we grieve, and what we forgive, we will slowly learn how much we matter. 

Mattering lives in our being and our becoming. 

The word, matter, comes from the Latin word for mother, mater. What is the deed of the mother? The mother conceives, gestates, births, nurtures, and lets go. 

Every day you will mother a thought, a feeling, a deed. You will mother a relationship. You will mother your own body and your own story. You will mother your values, your meaning, your power of purpose. Every day you will matter. 

One of the key elements of mattering is setting limits, saying no, stopping, completing. It is knowing what is enough. It is making choices. It is separating and defining. It is being a part of a whole. Good self-mothering celebrates, grieves and forgives the essential limits of our lives.

You matter. Mother yourself. The world and the angels will be grateful.