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Your Solstice Attention

It is a threshold time of year. We are ending one cycle and beginning another. Thresholds are times to reflect on what was and anticipate what will be. Here are some threshold questions to contemplate. Do find time to sit with yourself, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, work (don’t just […]

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Sandy Hook & Imagining Empathy

I was planning on writing about preparing for the coming year — not resolutions, but goals, desires, hopes for being human and becoming I. But something happened on Friday that drew my attention to something that we need to consider first. Do we have a future, a year worth living, if we fail to develop […]

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St Nick

The Wondrous Gift Giver

December 6 celebrates Saint Nicholas who evolved into Santa Claus. What does this saint/icon represent within the human soul? That’s the question I asked myself this morning. Here’s my answer and a few questions. He’s the wondrous gift giver! Find in your soul the wondrous gift giver. Please don’t confuse the WGG with the self-sacrificer […]

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