Archive | May, 2012

Sympathy, Empathy, Compassion

Whitsun is upon us. Pentecost is here. As the festivals live in our daily consciousness Pentecost is not a big one – probably for two reasons: The profane reason is there is no earthly profit in the material sense – no Hallmark greeting cards, no special presents like Christmas gifts or the Easter baskets, no […]

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Mothering & Your Other Mothers

I’ve been spending many hours over the last weeks considering mother as an ideal as I shape the Inner Mother Inner Father program (see below). What is the ideal of mother or your ideal mother? Here are a couple of dictionary definitions of ideal to help you with the question: adjective 1. satisfying one’s conception […]

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Holy Rest

Where is Sabbath consciousness in your busy life and in our 24/7 culture? How do you rest or retreat? I first asked this question of a client who is extraordinary in her commitment to doing, managing and caring for her family and her community. Her self-care is about keeping herself healthy so she can keep […]

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