Inner Epiphany

Celebrate Your Gifts, Your Baptism, Your Miracle

The veils obscuring the spiritual world have fallen again, but the connection living between us mortals and the divine is stronger than ever.  With awareness of this connection, each of us goes forward this year more capable of honoring our inner development.

I wish you fierce courage, a profound creativity and a stable confidence for the unfolding of the year. 

Inner Epiphany has three distinct aspects reflecting the Christian festival: It asks you to

  • discern and receive your three soul gifts,
  • awaken to your destiny, and
  • take the first step of manifesting your deed.

January 6th, The Feast of Epiphany, celebrates three events in the life of Jesus Christ:

  • The arrival of the Three Kings and their gifts
  • The Baptism in the River Jordan and
  • The Wedding at Cana.

Each of these events can be intimately living in your soul and reflected in your self-awareness at the end of the Holy Nights each year.

I have recorded some new thoughts about these events in the life of Jesus and offer guidance on finding the meaning of their reflection in your Inner Epiphany. Each is about 30 minutes and you can download them.

Your Three Inner Gifts

MP3 File

Your Inner Baptism

Your Time Has Come

Follow Your Inner Star on Your Journey Through The Year