The Meaning of “Meta”

The Meaning of Meta in Imagining Self

Meta is a prefix of Greek origin meaning beyond, beside, higher, and self. It also indicates change in relationship to self as in metamorphosis which is the evolution from an immature state to a mature state.

All of these “definitions” apply to my use of meta:
meta self-consciousness

It implies a relationship to self that is beside, beyond and higher than your ordinary relationship to yourself and changes the ordinary relationship to a more mature, adult one.

The meta relationship to self exists beyond dramas and ideals, free of shame, guilt, judgement, resistance, inflation, exaggeration, diminishment, fantasy and overwhelming emotions and reactions. You are free from expectations, true to your Self, honoring your individuality and revering your humanity.

Through metaobservation you begin to see yourself from multiple, liberating perspectives. Your self-perceptions and concepts move toward the truth of your lifetime

Through metacompassion you begin to feel yourself with embracing, healing and forgiving openness. Your feelings begin to harmonize and you experience the engaging beauty of your self-unfolding.

Through metaguidance you begin to nurture and cultivate, regulate and direct your energy and creative power. Your will becomes generative and profound.

It helps to ask yourself when you are reflecting on who you are, how you feel, what you are or are not doing, “If I reflect from a metarelationship to myself what changes?”

When you sense your higher self, you are sensing your metaself.

Beside means next to, apart from, in addition to, and compared with. The meta experience and meta relationship carries all these experiences. It does not do away with your ordinary thoughts, feelings, intentions. It encourages you to create these from a different space.

Beyond takes you further than you have ever imagined before. You move to a context that has not been experienced before.