Love is…Appreciation…Encouragement…Support

First, I am so thrilled to have you visit this page.  Thank you.

Please take a moment and think of how the Imagine Self blogposts have supported your inner development and what Inner Christmas Messages have given to your Christmas? I’ve been writing blogposts and the Inner Christmas messages since 2004.

Imagine Self: all of it…the blog, the newsletter, the courses, the website would not be possible without the love, appreciation, encouragement, and support of friends like you.

Doing this work with integrity takes hours and hours of

  • wondering, contemplating, questioning, observing, researching,
  • the long, slow, intense challenge of writing…
    • finding the right words with the deepest meaning and
    • self-editing (excruciating!,
  • and the technical (maddening!) work of
    • hunting down the typos (so boring! and I am not very good at it),
    • recording and editing the audios and videos
    • designing and executing the communications (so much fun to imagine and so difficult to manifest)
    • managing the website and
    • posting (another complicated chore).

It would make such a positive difference to have the funds to hire other people to do what other people can do, leaving my time and attention to do what ONLY I CAN DO — the development and fine-tuning of the content (the maps, mirrors, and methods) and facilitating your experience and achievement of the greatest challenge of our times, finding, knowing and becoming the most true, the most beautiful, and the most good self (that would be heaven and truly benefit you, dear friend).

BUT… my funds do not match my vision of Imagine Self and the resources and personal support to make it happen or my capacity for creativity or my love for you and the future.

Would you enjoy  showing appreciation, providing encouragement, and giving support to the full development of Imagine Self?

There are two options for showing your love for Imagine Self and my work.

Become an Imagine Self Member, like other loyal friends, by making a recurring monthly donation of your choosing:

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There is a third option… you can consider funding an aspect of Imagine Self.. below are my strategic goals and needs.

Just call me 919-240-4094 to have a conversation about the future of Imagine Self or email me.

Here are some of my goals:

  • the technical production of a new course or the redesign of the materials of an existing course.
  • the production of a series of videos on the importance of creating a truly intimate and integrated image of being human, of resolving karma, of fulfilling destiny all based on the wisdom of being human.
  • the hiring of a virtual assistant to take over all the time-consuming tasks behind the newsletters, the course delivery, the outreach of the blog, and the general operations of Imagine Self.
  • the design and publication of a collection of the Inner Christmas Messages. So many people ask for this, but I just don’t have the time or the money to make it happen.
  • the organization and promotion of yearly retreats.
  • the design, editing, and publication of all the great subsidiary materials.
  • the design and coding of an updated website.



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