Inner Autumn Guidelines

Please do not take more than two programs per season. Too much of a good thing is not good. Lynn

To have these programs support your path in finding, knowing, and becoming yourself through healing, liberating, empowering your thinking, feeling, and willing, please consider:

    your goals – write down what you are intending to achieve with the support of the programs! I you fulfill these goals how would your sense of selfhood change?
    your time available for listening, reflecting, writing, conversing as you work with the programs – can you block out sacred time and create sacred space?
    your capacity for regulating the intensity of new perspectives – do you have a system of support if this work triggers strong emotional response (friends, mentors, therapists)?
    your financial integrity – can you afford the program? do you have a reasonable dollar budget for your inner development?

It is also important to realize that these programs are not microwavable. They are slow-cookers and require lots of stirring! In other words, every program, although each provides epiphanies breakthroughs, and releases with the first experience, really needs to be revisited a number of times to be fully transforming and embodied. Once you have downloaded the programs, they are yours for revisiting when and how you need.

Here are my thoughts on the Autumn programs…

INNER ADVENT – an Inner Christmas program

    TIME – medium to high – depends on you
    INTENSITY – low to medium
    COST – low

I urge everyone to signup for INNER ADVENT as we all need and can benefit from a creative process for reflecting on our inner development over 2012.

INNER ADVENT is a program that guides you in saying goodbye to the old year. It provides an organized approach to looking at your inner evolution and understanding the meaning of your year with creative compassion. It cleans up your soul and prepares your inner life for becoming new, for a another year of evolving. It creates a sweet emptiness, a manger in your soul.

This year I am offering the program of four 60 minute audios and the handouts – all at once on Friday, November 23rd – a week before the Advent season begins. With the downloads, it is possible for you to time your INNER ADVENT process in a way that suits your schedule and your style – some of you may want to do your whole reflection process the first weekend of Advent and then revisit and rework it each following weekend. Or you may want to develop your reflections in weekly stages, listening to only one audio each week. There will be 2 live calls for sharing questions, inspirations, your Inner Advent stories.

INNER ADVENT prepares you for Christmas and the Holy Nights. You’ve recollected, reviewed, and released 2012 and enter INNER CHRISTMAS with the clear mind of the Magi and the open heart of the Shepherds.

The registration for Inner Advent will be available by November 15. I will be sending out a notice!


    TIME – low
    INTENSITY – low
    COST – low

This is for you if you wonder about other spiritual beings. Just what is an angel? Do we each have a guardian angel? What about nature spirits? Can I connect with a loved one who has died? Learn just who/what you connect with when you pray? Seek guidance? Experience inspiration? It makes a difference to know these distinctions – many prayers to God are really prayers to our angel – learn why.

I also look at how and when we have sacred conversations with these beings?

ENGAGING YOUR SPIRITUAL BEINGS is an inspiring education in spiritual realities. You will find it illuminating on a deep heart level.

Learn more and register for ENGAGE YOUR SPIRITUAL COMPANIONS here.


    TIME – medium to high – depends on you
    INTENSITY – high
    COST – high, but the value is beyond rubies

No doubt! You need to do this – it is the game changer – the program that sets you free. But being free does not come easy, INNER MOTHER INNER FATHER is work and gets to your core issues, which is not fun – it is profound and serious.

Do this one if you want to begin 2013 with a dramatically new sense of self able to self-parent your inner infant, child and adolescent.

INNER MOTHER INNER FATHER is eight 60-90 minute sessions with extensive guides for reflective journaling that arrive weekly in your inbox. You will need at least 2 hours a week to work with the material. If you have trouble with your relationships, in work, in feeling safe, focused, and calm, knowing the 4 maternal gestures and the 4 paternal gestures will make a much needed difference in how you manage your inner life.

INNER MOTHER INNER FATHER is available year around. Read the description of the course here and then contemplate the seasons…which season feels like the right energy for this deep work to you? Or perhaps you have been working on yourself for so long with so little transformation, you just need to do this work NOW! it doesn’t matter what season it is. But working on INNER MOTHER INNER FATHER through the holiday season might crystalize the experience.

INNER MOTHER INNER FATHER, is the most powerful program I have created. Do it!

Learn more and register for INNER MOTHER INNER FATHER here.


    TIME – medium to high – depends on you
    INTENSITY – medium to high
    COST – medium

I’ve been wanting to create this program for years. Who doesn’t want to find the deeper meaning of our KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS? Just in case you are wondering, we will not be discussing past lives. This is about moving through karma wisely, here and now.

KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS is not about the story/drama of the relationship, it is about the karma – the lessons that that we needed to learn about ourselves and the individuals who taught them. The course makes beautiful meaning of the good, the bad and ugly relationships of our lives.

I will be teaching this live via the internet – you can join via your desktop or your phone. There wIll be lots of good handouts. but if you can’t attend live, the sessions will be recorded for you.

KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS will heal your heart, liberate your heart, and empower your heart and solve a lot of mysteries.

Learn more and register for KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS here.