Inner Year

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The Seasons of Your Soul

Your soul is vast and for the most part it’s dark and has no clear paths of development. For the darkness, your soul needs inner light. For directions, your soul needs an inner compass. The Inner Year gives you the light of the sun and the compass of the festivals to guide you to a new consciousness of yourself.

Festivals direct our attention to the essential celebrations of life teaching us about divine intention and it’s earthly manifestation. Of all the traditional festivals, it is the Christian festivals which, freed from Church dogma, offer a cycle of imaginations leading to the creative union of spirit and matter. .

You find your consciousness of self in your soul. Your soul contains your inner reality of complex, often conflicting and confusing, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, desires, instincts, and intentions. It is also where you evolve your capacities for truth, beauty and goodness.

The festivals guide our attention to the archetypal mysteries living in the fulfillment of destiny. Through the Inner Year we celebrate our lives with self-compassion and deepening awareness.

Life and wisdom evolve in cycles. Our consciousness returns to the same, only to find difference. The soul’s evolution occurs through cyclical learning. With each cycle more aliveness and knowledge arise in your soul.

The polarities of Winter and Summer, Spring and Autumn and the solstices and equinoxes reflect your soul’s alternating and evolving longings for earthly and spiritual engagement and understanding. The Inner Year choreographs your soul’s dance between spirit and matter.

Cycles offer a reoccurring series of events, stages or processes that fulfill your inner need for life and wisdom. Cycles revolve through the great polarities allowing you to see life from evolving perspectives. The Inner Year renews your life and deepens your wisdom.

Nature, the complex and intertwined realities of earthly life, is dependent on the cyclical dance of the sun and the earth. The daily and yearly evolving relationship between light and dark shapes and reshapes our earthly existence. Your soul’s relationship to spirit and matter, to inner and outer attention, mirrors the cycle of nature.


Being Human

Each of us shares our humanity with every other human being. We need to understand our humanity so that we can revere each other’s individuality and fully express our own. When we discover the universal in each of us, we find the foundation of compassion and celebrate the family of humankind.
The four Being Human Inner Year programs explore the aspect of being human that reflects nature’s seasons:

  • Inner Winter: The Three Temptations
  • Inner Spring: Delighting in Differences: The Four Temperaments
  • Inner Summer: The Sum of Your Senses
  • Inner Autumn: Your Challengers & Your Companions



Becoming I

You evolve. You become more, greater, fuller, richer, deeper, brighter in your imagination and expression of yourself. Your individuality manifests in four complex, mysterious ways: how you contribute, how you relate, how you stand in the world, and how you morally develop.

The four Becoming Human Inner Year programs illuminate and facilitate the awakening of your individuality through the great cosmic rhythm of the seasons:

  • Inner Winter: Imagine Your Contribution
  • Inner Spring: Imagine Intimacy
  • Inner Summer: Imagine Standing In The World
  • Inner Autumn: Imagine Your Moral Development