The Importance of

Inner Epiphany


Imagining Your New Year of Unfolding Your True Self:

The Gifts You Need, the Questions to Ask, The Moment of Destiny, The Activation begins.



Listen to this recording I made to describe the elements of an epiphany. Like everything to do with being human and becoming I there is a complex self-organizing process to each epiphany. But it is so important that we recognize our epiphanies rather than sleep over them and miss their profound impact on who we are. 

The Inner Epiphany program consists of ten more audios (all under 25 minutes) where I dive deep into each of the Epiphanies in the life of Jesus Christ and relate them to our own mysterious epiphanies. 

Do you hunger to become new?  Is there a conscious process to becoming new? What are the rewards for becoming new? The challenges? I have been hard at work at understanding the process, rewards and challenges of becoming new, of having epiphanies.

Why is it scary to show up in the fullness of your truth, be seen for your beauty, have your goodness celebrated?  How can we experience epiphany if we feel as powerless as a newborn, as uncertain as a teenager, as unworthy as a shell of self, as hesitant as someone doubting the time is right for beginning and wondering if they can bear the ending that will follow?

Yet everyday I seek new thoughts and insights, new ways of feeling like the self I imagine being, and new moments of showing up in the world with love and wisdom and impact. Don’t you?

With these doubts and ideals in mind and after much research, I am offering you Inner Epiphany, a Holy Imaginations course. It is all about recognizing, healing and empowering the process of becoming new, becoming you, becoming the future. 

Through an esoteric understanding of the epiphanies in the life of Jesus Christ, you will observe and imagine the stages of birthing yourself, birthing your individuality into your humanity. You will determine the resources that will nurture and sustain confidence of body and soul. You will recollect the moment when your wisdom first appeared. You will learn to hear the calling to the river and the moment when divine presence enters your consciousness. Finally, you will learn how to respond to the needs for your grace-filled capacities to perform deeds that change the moment. 

Inner Epiphany guides you to recognizing those who support your epiphanies, provide you with what you need, notice your wisdom, stand beside you in the river and tell you it is time to meet your destiny.  

No matter how old you are or how ordinary your life feels, Inner Epiphany will enrich your sense of self.  It will give a clear sense of meaning, point out your significance and help you shape your purpose.

Inner Epiphany is an online self-study course.  You receive a downloadable series of six 15-30 minute mp3 recordings along with printable materials and worksheets.  As a self-study course, you can experience Inner Epiphany at your own pace, at times you choose. If you have questions, need support, or want to share your “epiphanies” you have access to the course discussion board and can email me directly.

I want Inner Epiphany to be a relaxed and aware experience for you. I will guide the process, but you will do the work.  No one can do it but you. This is the gift you give your Self.

Imagining Your Unfolding in the New Year

Imagine your new beginnings of birth, incarnation, and manifestation with Inner Epiphany.

For the birth of your new deed: Imagine the gifts you need to sustain well-being in your body and confidence in your soul.

For the awakening of your wisdom: Imagine your capacities for extraordinary listening and deep questioning.

For the incarnation of your Higher Self: Imagine coming to the river of your soul and feeling the force of the Divine enter your consciousness.  

For the moment of your manifestation: Imagine the event that calls forth the next step your in your destiny. 

Shape Your New Year through an Inner Experience of the Epiphanies in the Life of Christ

In the Christian Year Epiphany, January 6th,  is the feast of three major moments in the life of Jesus Christ:  The Arrival of the three Kings bearing their gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold: the Baptism in the River Jordan, and the Wedding at Cana and the miracle of turning water to wine. These events are the three essential and inspired beginnings of a destiny that would change human consciousness.

Inner Epiphany also offers insights into the gifts of the Shepherds and the meaning of the epiphany that takes place in the Temple when the young Jesus begins teaching from an extraordinary wisdom.

Inner Epiphany takes you into your soul’s own particular resonance with these archetypal events.  You look into your core self and discover the Christ Epiphanies in small, intimate, meaningful ways. You trust your existence will bring great value to the future.

You begin the year or your next step with powerful and tender imaginations, ones that are practical, nourishing, enlivening, creative, and empowering. They support the flourishing of your destiny.




Lesson One: What is Epiphany? An Introduction

The first two audios and series of handouts guide you to an imagination of the experience of epiphany. 

Lesson Two: Inner Epiphany: The Gifts & Your Birth

Both the Shepherds and the Kings bring gifts to the Baby Jesus.  These gifts have extraordinary significance and provide sustaining forces for fulfilling destiny.  Learn what each of the six gifts symbolizes.  Be inspired to imagine the gifts you need to fulfill your destiny.

In this lesson, you will find insights regarding the meaning and purpose of some big questions:

What is esoteric understanding?

What is innocent love?

What is wisdom?

To fulfill personal destiny in our modern times each of us must nurture and protect our own capacities for innocent love and true wisdom.


Lesson Three: Inner Epiphany: The River & Your Higher Self

So much to ponder.  Each of us waits for the call to the river, the one we must step into to become the fullness of ourselves.  In this audio you will be guided to consider each aspect of your own inner baptism.

Discover the necessity of repentance. 

Learn to distinguish the 4 I AM’s

Learn to distinguish the 4 Reasons for Baptism

and much more.

Lesson Four: Inner Epiphany: The Wedding & Your Manifestation

There are so many powerful metaphors in this Epiphany.  You will be given clear perspectives on how to use the metaphors to understand and perform the miracle of your deeds and destiny.  

Why a wedding?

The role of the Feminine.

Resistance – Is this the Fourth Temptation.

Understanding the 4 Levels of Will.

and much more.

How much time will Inner Epiphany require?

 If you are more comfortable attending to your inner life in a weekly session (like going to church on Sundays, yoga on Fridays, your therapy session on whatever day) do your best to devote 30 – 60 minutes on your chosen day to do this seasonal inner work.  In either the weekly or daily rhythm make sure you choose a time of day when you have the least demands and distractions. Create a mood of reverence and devotion.

Inner Epiphany: Structured and Guided by Lynn

The true gift of the Inner Christmas Journey programs is the beauty and usefulness of the design, structure, and process. You learn how to create a spiritual practice that brings depth and rightness to your inner work. You will discover the spiritual meaning flowing through your inner year.