Inner Advent

harvesting the wisdom of your year

A Meaningful Preparation for the Holy Nights
A Compassionate Review of Your Year

As the outer light of day decreases, the inner light of soul increases. The Inner Sun is the self-observing I, the higher self. The light of this Inner Sun can bring harmonious awareness to our yearly unfolding of meaning and purpose. The festival that prepares us for our Inner Christmas and the Twelve Holy Nights is the four weeks of Inner Advent, when we reflect on our personal development over the course of the year.

The Preparation

During Inner Advent you recollect, reflect on, and release the old year. In the context of the events and circumstances of the year, you review your thoughts, feelings, and deeds and recognize your inner development.

Profoundly significant results require an organized and beautiful review process. For most of us we look back at our year and it all looks the same day after day with a few dramatic occurrences. Yet each year our souls learn moral lessons, find new meaning, grow in compassion. Inner Advent, with thoughtful guidance, provides a creative design for your review.

For the first time in sixty years of living, I feel like I own my year!

The Review

Inner Advent helps you confidently explore:

  • where truth has lived in your thinking,
  • where beauty and harmony have formed in your feelings
  • where goodness has resulted from your deeds
  • where freedom has awakened in your choices and
  • where unselfish love has radiated out from your very core.

Inner Advent brings a guiding light, the light of self-awareness, into this midnight mood of the soul.

Session One

      The History of the Season we call Advent
      The Weekly Rhythm of Advent
      Creating Your Wreath

Session Two
Reflection and Objectivity
The Aesthetics of Inner Advent
Advent Conversations
Absence of Judgment
The Role of Remembering

Session Three
Phenomena of the Year
The Three Stages of Life

Session Four
The Last Recollection of the Year
The Celebrations
The Mourning
The Regrets
Closing Ritual


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