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The Four Sources of Imagination

To imagine self you need to have a feeling for and of freedom. You need to search for this feeling. Begin your search by noticing where and how you are not free — the ways you conform to old pictures, old ways and old judgments. These are your stories.

Freedom is knowing all your stories and then letting them go. Imagine Self programs are designed to immerse you into your stories with such consciousness that you discover the difference between yourself and your stories. You become free to imagine yourself.

To imagine yourself, you need new perspectives. See yourself from multiple and surprising points of view, mysterious grand vistas and excruciating close-ups, and a vast depth of field and a detailed and painful nearness. Ultimately you perceive the unperceivable you – the self that can only be imagined.

You will discover yourself by standing at your center and exploring your horizons. And then find places on the periphery of your soul, stand at each one and gaze at your core — the holy of holies. Now you can perceive the complex and paradoxical imagination of yourself.

To imagine self you need to be love. Imagine love, not as a feeling or a desired fulfillment, but a place and moment of being. Free of the need to correct, fix, attach, or fulfill, this love holds the past without clinging, dances in the present without a need to control and reaches for the future,

You must pay attention to the creative tension of polarities. The tension is a sense of self that like a tightrope asks you to balance as you move between two poles. Imagine Self programs are built on the archetype of polarity. Embrace the tension and imagine yourself in balance.

Love is generative and responsible. Love does not hide or conceal. Love does not fade or thin. Love is being real and true inside and outside your skin. Imagine Self programs nurture this core experience of being love.

To imagine yourself you need to embrace core polarities. How do you imagine yourself as a being of spirit and a being of matter? a being of inner realities and outer manifestations? a being of limitations and of potential? Polarities provide a creative tension filled with vitality and challenge.