Inner Sunday

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Inner Sunday Themes

Inner Sunday brings the artist’s way of knowing to each theme. Each of us has the heart of the artist we want to represent the soul of life with metaphors. symbols. abstractions, expressions, impressions, colors, shadings, movement, interpretation, and melody. We want to weave and knit, shape and mold meaning into everything. We want to know and create beauty.

Most of all, we want a picture of an inner playground that ultimately becomes a dance floor. Both are a place of amazing relationships between the mundane and the miraculous, between the art, science and morality of the soul. They are places where we can get bruised and dirty, be wild and brave, play games, learn how pretend and discover and become incredibly graceful, elegant and intimate.

The studio is the place where artists discover and interpret through their art the questions about human consciousness can consider. They open to imaginations, inspirations and intuitions and express them a creative gesture. They work with all kinds of mediums and forms in space and time.

Inner Sunday brings the caregivers’ and dance instructors’ way of knowing each theme. The playground matures into an dance floor that hovers between spirit and matter where your truth, beauty and goodness move gracefully into your life, your work, your future. Play first, then dance. Know the joy of becoming I. We want to know the complesx ways of relating to everything, especially ourselves.

The lab is where we hypothesize, experiment, test, analyze, research, design and engineer new understandings and new forms with the components, laws and possibilities of the created world. From alchemy to quantum physics we enter the mind of the scientist to seek evidence of reality and meaning.

Inner Sunday brings the philosopher’s and the theologian’s way of knowing to each theme. Each of us has a longing in our souls for an absolute sense of good and evil. We want a moral code for living that is beyond doubt. It is the burden of the philosopher and the theologian to articulate the possibilities. We want to know and do goodness.

Inner Sunday brings the scientist’s way of knowing to each theme. Each of us has a space in our consciousness that says “Prove it!” It is the scientist in the activities of the lab that can teach us the methods of scientific inquiry on the great challenges living in our modern souls. We want to know and speak truth.

There are two temples both seeking a metaphysics of being that live side by side: the temple of earthly wisdom and the temple of the gods. We learn from the philosopher kings and the high priestesses the ways to reflect, consider, understand, judge and discuss the relative goodness of life. In these temples the struggle with belief and doubt expressed in our judgments is argued.


What You Can Expect

Inner Sunday offers

…creative exploration on a universal theme through
• expansive dialogue with artists, scientists, philosophers,
theologians, therapists, and community builders
• music, poetry, literature
…suggested questions for personal contemplation and meditation that will enrich your relationship to the theme
…commentary that embraces both spiritual and practical perspectives and suggestions on the questions facing the world citizen in the current news

Inner Sunday is a conversation where minds open, hearts inspire and wills engage to evolve consciousness and graspInn the potential of the human spirit.



Monthly Themes

Each month Inner Sunday focuses on a theme of universal concern and possibiity.

Listeners are invited to post their thoughts, feelings, practical approaches, questions, doubts and dreams regarding the monthly theme on the Inner Sunday blog.

Here are some of the themes we will be covering: