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This is Your Life

Based on the wisdom of human development, Inner Life guides you in recollecting the events of your life and comprehending their significance, meaning and purpose. Each event is revealed as a building block in your sense of self. Through organized biography work, you find a creative relationship to these events.

Your karma lives most deeply in your body and your biology and the inherited streams that provided them. The more deeply you question the realities of your physical form and your organic functions and how they shape your sense of self, the more you can engage this powerful karma.

Your past is full of events that have shaped how you think and feel about yourself, your life, your future. Working with stages of development and the great themes of living, Inner Life provides direction for understanding the shaping of your soul.

Inner Life programs reveal the esoteric imaginations living in body and biology by bringing together ancient wisdom and modern research. Discover how you were “designed” by karma to think, feel and act in given patterns and find the insight that allows you to resolve the karma and evolve in freedom.

Encounters count. When you encounter another, you are altered. Your biography takes a turn. Your inner or outer reality changes in mysterious ways. Through Inner Life programs, you find the value of your encounters

A number of elements, events, encounters, body and biology, come together to prevent or support your destiny. Through the Inner Life programs you build vibrant and liberating perceptions of your destiny path. You find your way to the fulfillment of your destiny.

Lasting encounters ask you to come up against the other over and over again. Brief encounters with individuals you will never know can have a major impact. Through Inner Life work you will look at the many encounters of your life, recognize their importance, and come to understand why they happened.

Your destiny is a deed. It is an action that only you can take that bears a consequence that effects everything — past, present, future. This is the reason for your existence and without it’s fulfillment your life loses its meaning.


Be More Than Your Stories

Your stories are not you! Inner Life biography programs allow you to evolve your relationship to your stories. By looking from different perspectives you discover new freedom, you let go of limiting attachments, and discover the many meanings in your biography.

You no longer wonder why something happened, you see the purpose. Suddenly, brief moments, passing acquaintances, and small occurrences find their significance. You begin to see the purposeful imaginations living in the memories of your life.

The Inner Life Biography frees you from both dramas and fantasies. You begin to see the threads, the patterns, and the moods of your life in ways that resolve your karma and fulfill your destiny. Learn more…



Be More Than Your Sensations

Your sensations, the experience of levels of well-being, pleasure and pain, are not you! Sensations, like memories, point to who you are, who you were and who you are becoming. Inner Life Esoteric Biology programs support you in making sense of your felt sensations and in developing a new sensitivity to hidden sensations.

Being objectively aware of your sensations and understanding their biological language empowers your self-knowledge. Sensations take control of your thoughts, your moods and your behavior. Inner Life Esoteric Biology programs guide you to taking back control of both your thoughts, your feelings and your behavior. The programs offer a creative perspective on the mysteries of well-being experienced in your nervous system, digestive system, immune system and the endocrine system. Learn more…