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2022/23 Inner Christmas Messages Here!

Be Inspired through the Holy Nights!

the Inner Christmas Theme for 2022-23


The Twelve Living Gifts of Sweetness for  Your Soul


During the Holy Nights, we will learn about the Sweetness of our Souls. Certain capacities live in our soul to bring pleasant feelings, inspire tender thoughts, encourage gentle deeds and empower healing energies.

Our times and our lives often feel full of bitterness. Each message from the Threshold will renew in our souls the  sweetness of Spirit. We will find a new confidence in our inner sweetness that nourishes the holiness of self.

The Mystery of the Holy Nights

Nothing about the Holy Nights is sentimental. They are devotional and intentional. We connect with spiritual realities in ways that nurture and develop the highest capacities of our humanity and our individuality. We come to know ourselves, others, the world, and the future more deeply. We touch the realm of the Gods and they whisper into our souls’ inspirations of great significance.

I appreciate your commitment to the Holy Nights and your courage to live a more conscious life, ask deep questions and imagine beyond the ordinary. 

As soon as you make your contribution, you will be given access to Inner Christmas Messages 2022-23.

There will be 4 live Zoom Calls with Lynn to share questions and inspirations from the messages.

You join many other good souls around the world working with the same questions during the Holy Nights.

You have access to the Inner Christmas Messages and the community throughout the year.

You help sustain and develop the work of Imagine Self.

Your contribution bestows support with wise generosity and is received with deep gratitude. You contribute because you find value and meaning in what you receive.  Your life reflects more light. Your soul feels more beautiful. Your deeds bear greater goodness. You have been inspired.

The Inner Christmas Messages
 are gateways into your Holy Nights.
Let them inspire and support your inner life
every day of your life

I have benefitted from Lynn’s work over the past several years.  My first introduction was experiencing the profound personal changes her Inner Christmas information and questions had on my own Christmas experience that year and the continued ripples throughout that year and into each Christmas season and my life in general.                                                                                                                                                                                               Diane B.

Now, reading, thinking, looking and listening to the Holy Nights Messages I’m very happy and grateful because your writing translates into my life. So, there are many resonances for my heart, soul, and understanding.

You write very well. Clear, deep, simply and with applicability in our life, day by day. 

WONDERFUL !!! So, thank you, very much.  

Maria Christina Leme Valle Mendonca


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May Inner Christmas bring you Inspirations of Love & Freedom to fill every moment of your New Year.