So glad to be working with you!

Thank you subscribing to 13 Imagine Self Sacred Conversations in a two-week rhythm over 26 weeks.

The thirteenth conversation of each subscription will always be a review of the previous 12 leading to the renewal for another 13 sessions or a compassionate and conscious closure. This review process is quite wonderful for both of us.

When life interferes with the rhythm of the conversations and a session(s) must be missed, the missed session(s) can be made up at any time within the 26 weeks of the agreement, but do not carry over into the next commitment. This 13/26 boundary is also applied when I must briefly rest from my work which is rare.

I am also open to additional sessions for threshold states or crises, if they appear @ the hourly rate.

If you need to celebrate and can’t wait until our next session…call me at no charge. Let’s jump for joy together!