Come Let’s Imagine and Establish Equanimity Together

  • Are you struggling with all kinds of emotional, moral and spiritual distress wondering if it will end ever?
  • Do you want to be able to call into your soul the dynamic, fluid, enlightening, calming and centering presence of equanimity?
  • Do you seek peace in every moment, from every perspective, in every choice, in every mistake or failure or regret, in every success, in every conflict, in every shift, pivot and transformation?
  • What would it be like to know your way through and out of chaos, crisis, uncertainty, trials and threats?
  • What would your inner life be like if you could name and tame your wild and intense reactions to your moods, your circumstances, your collapses, your overwhelm, your relationships?
  • Have you read lots and lots of books, taken workshops, been in therapy, walked in nature, sat in meditation, eaten lots of chocolate, questioned, doubted, prayed for answers to your struggles. You want to feel good about yourself and your life?
  • Are you tired of perfecting yourself, of pretending life is cool, of proving you are good and competent, of pleasing others in order to be included?  With Equanimity, you become authentic, real, and courageous.
  • If you are an anthroposophist, are you always hoping to find a way to apply Steiner’s insights. To make them personal, intimate, creative, a living experience? With equanimity, you can move gracefully between powerful concepts and powerful living.
  • If you are spiritual-but-not-religious, have you been seeking a way of recognizing and forming an imagination of a spiritual selfhood that makes sense of your daily life and brings understanding to the “something more” free of dogma and theology? With equanimity, you find a spiritual creativity that expresses your individuality without conforming to inner or outer expectations.

I can write all this because I can answer each of these question with a resounding “YES! This is what I seek.”

The Eight Steps of Equanimity move us through the Four Types of Chaos and bring us to the Gate of Holy Calm. Equanimity is a soul art. It takes practice, courage, and humility. It also takes the attention, affection, guidance and support of fellow seekers.  It takes a workshop.

A workshop is a seminar, discussion group, or the like, that emphasizes exchange of ideas and the demonstration and application of techniques, skills, etc.

A spiritual workshop is the discussion, demonstration and application of archetypes, the language of the Gods, to our individual earthly lives.

I invite you to enroll in

The Equanimity Workshop!

Commit your mind, your heart, your soul to developing

your capacity to face your inner chaos and ,

take the eight steps of equanimity, and

find your way to Holy Calm.

The Four Types of Chaos

Collective Chaos

Personal Chaos

Micro Chaos

Reaction Chaos


The Four Steps of Perceiving






The Four Steps of Understanding






Any object, well-contemplated, will create a new organ of perception in us.


Holy Calm…Even Just a Glimmer!

What inspired me most to offer The Equanimity Workshop was the imagination of Holy Calm as the great crown, bloom, and result of equanimity. Holy Calm. Just one moment of Holy Calm your life changes forever.  And the next moment of Holy Calm and your life changes again…and again. And you welcome and celebrate these transformations. You now have a vibrant, sacred center of Self.

  The Equanimity Workshop Design


The workshop begins on Tuesday, June 20 and the first Zoom Conversation is Saturday, June 24 at 2PM Eastern. Enrollment closes on Friday, June 23 at midnight Eastern.

Each of the six modules will have three elements: Insight, Practice, and Conversation.

We will work with archetypes…what is universally human yet individually expressed.  The powerful archetypes provide the maps, the mirrors and the methods for imagining and evolving our capacities for equanimity. When you work with archetypes, self-knowledge and self-transformation become graceful and elegant, rather than overwhelming and difficult.

Each Tuesday, I will post content: videos, audios, and written materials, providing insights into the workshop topics. This will include worksheets and prompts for contemplation and practice. 

You will have three days to contemplate the insights, undertake the practices, and engage with yourself. There is nothing to prove…don’t be afraid, don’t worry about impressing or succeeding. Simply engage in your own way. This is your process, no need for comparisons or measurement.

On the following Saturdays at 2PM Eastern, we will meet on Zoom for approximately 90 minutes to converse together as the whole group and in breakout rooms of 2-4. This will be a time to share experiences, ask questions and do some more practice on using the Eight Steps. This will bring the magic of community to the work, irreplaceable! 

Each week we will work on finding chaos in archetypal aspects of being human.  In each module, I am offering three potential archetypes to work with.  I will give insights and imaginations of each archetype, but you will be able to choose one archetype to dive deep.  You will have access to the insights on all the other archetypes to work with in the future.

Tuesdays are content/guidance.

Between Tuesdays and Saturdays are your application and practice of the content.
Saturdays are creative conversations. We are all willing to be inspired and surprised.

Module One 

Equanimity and Introductions

  • With equanimity, introduce yourself.
  • Understanding the presence of equanimity.
  • Understanding the absence of equanimity.

Module Two 

Equanimity in Space

  • Creating Spaciousness and Order in your Soul.
  • Shaping a right relationship to Appearance and Order
  • Understanding Boundaries and Territories

Module Three

Equanimity in Time

  • Managing Rhythm: Frequency, Amplitude and Duration
  • Maintaining Well-Being: Safe, Calm, Awake, Nourished
  • Nurturing Aliveness: Warmth, Light, Tone, Force

Module Four

Equanimity in Social Life

  • Celebrating Solitude and Belonging
  • Receiving and Giving/ Yes, No, Maybe
  • Living with Reverence for Differences


Module Five

Equanimity in Consciousness

  • Certainty and Uncertainty
  • Aligning Personal Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.
  • Overcoming Doubt, Fear and Hatred

Module Six

Equanimity in Spirit

  • Facing Demons, Darkness, and Death
  • Joy and Suffering
  • Direct Experience


Yes, it sounds like a lot, but having clear archetypes that make sense allows for stunningly graceful insights, big breakthroughs, and the laughter of letting go. You will also have a community of fellow seekers of equanimity. There will be interest, compassion, and encouragement.

The Equanimity Workshop provides you with more healing and empowerment than several years of therapy or coaching. It will give you more peace than daily meditation.

Equanimity does not change your life story. It changes your relationship to your story. It makes life brighter and richer.

Chaos will still be there in all kinds of ways, but you will no longer be afraid (of your fear) of the threats, the turbulence, the trials or the torments. Equanimity is the foundation in space, the beginning in time, the root of self-love and the bridge to others, the springboard to inner freedom and the core of personal truth.

Let’s spend six weeks together working with Equanimity.

Why You?

You will succeed in this inner work if you want to think about your self creatively and therapeutically. You need to be willing to be wonder, persevere, and be surprised. You will not surrender to resistance…you will make friends with it.

Are you ready to take the Eight Steps of Equanimity and apply them to all aspects of your life? How would that change your sense of self? How would it change your social life? Your spiritual life? Your well-being? Your self-esteem? Equanimity is the key to self-awareness, self-compassion and self-expression.  It brings  the wisdom and joy of Holy Calm to your daily existence.

How would you face your inner demons? How would you show interest in those you disagree with, dislike, or find despicable. How would you bring equanimity to your adored delights and desires as these, too, throw you out of your inner center and hide the gateway to Holy Calm. 

Why Lynn?

For over thirty years, I’ve had thousands of sacred conversations with clients, offered hundreds of lectures and blogs, designed and facilitated dozens of workshops and courses, and I’ve spent lifetimes devoted to spiritual research. I have always wondered at the mysteries of being human, at the meaning of our narrative dramas, at the purpose behind our wounds and sufferings, our gifts and contributions, our hopes and despair. I’ve listened to individuals, families and groups. I’ve studied trauma, neuroscience, anthroposophy, the great religions and philosophies, the history of art, and popular culture. I do this not to acquire knowledge or be an expert, but to understand, to see connections, to enrich my imaginations of individuality, differences, and archetypes.

I bring all my understanding and all my love to this work.

Refund Policy


If you decide the Workshop is not for you for any reason. Let me know and I will give you a full refund.  NO WORRY!

Just email me.


Email me with any of your questions. Do you want to pay by personal check? Do you need a discount? Just let me know.

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