The goal of my teaching, writing, and coaching is to help you develop a living imagination of self.

A living imagination of self is active, dynamic, creative, integrated, unlimited and always new in the moment. A living imagination is not a remembered or a fantasized image although it beautifully connects who you were to who you are becoming.

I have no power over you that you don’t give me, and you have no power over me that I don’t give you. … Your greatest creation is yourself. Like any great work of art, creating a great self means putting in hard work, every day, for years. Vi Hart https://www.khanacademy.org/math/vi-hart

In this post, I want to share descriptions of three inner feelings that tell you you are a living imagination of self: your feeling of authority, your feeling of authenticity, and your feeling of agency.

Inner Authority – the sense of self in thinking
I feel I am the author of my thoughts, at least some of them – the ones that are most true.  Among all the thoughts that swirl in my mind the ones I have been taught to think and the ones that keep me safe and familiar, I have a calm deep pool of thoughts that I created out of myself. Some of my thoughts are just for me and some are for everyone. And some might be welcoming gifts for those who aren’t yet born that say “Come and be yourself!”

Inner Authenticity – the sense of self in feeling
I feel my feelings are genuine. This is how I feel right now, I might not have felt this way in the past, and I might not feel this way again, but for now, yes, these are my very own feelings. They may be sad feelings, angry feelings, happy feelings or scared feelings, but they are beautifully mine and no one can tell me that I should not have them. Beyond my subtle and dramatic feelings, lives my awakening capacity to regulate their intensity and harmonize their complexity, conflict, and expression.

Inner Agency – the sense of self in willing/acting
I feel I am the agent of my actions. No one is telling me what to do. My will is my own. My actions align with my authored thoughts and my authentic feelings because I am the agent. I represent my self, my I AM, through my free acts of love.  I am responsible.

Authority does not lie.

Authenticity does not pretend.

Agency does not submit.

Nor is pride or shame present in the experience.

These three feelings of selfhood are momentary and not lasting. I don’t think we are meant to know authority, authenticity, or agency all the time in all relationships and all circumstances.  The 1st best part of being I is seeing the image of I in a thought, a feeling, a deed. The 2nd best part of being I is the striving to be and become I. The 3rd best part is realizing that you don’t need to be I-awake at all times – there is a wake/sleep cycle to being I.

I is a string of pearls. With study, practice, and endless questioning, we learn to be like oysters making pearls and the jeweler placing them into a unique work of art.


Self-query often. Note when you came close to being “A.” What stopped you? Shame? Pride? Fear? Just question and make note. Do not judge.

Note your “A” pearls. “A” moments often begin when you are by yourself and no one is watching or listening. Give yourself an “A” celebration for imagining your own truth, your own beauty, and your own goodness when you are all alone.  Begin to feel confident and then seek an “A” friend who loves you unconditionally and who you love unconditionally and together explore and practice, comfort and challenge. You will then find the “A” moments just showing up as you think, feel and act through each day..

One important thought to feel in your heart: The angels are always smiling, cheering, and applauding all our attempts at authority, authenticity, and agency.

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Clearly, authority, authenticity, and agency require a lot of inner work.  They are lifelong goals. If you want support, seek it now.

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