I was introduced to Lynn through her writing which I discovered online. At first, I was attracted to her thinking, in particular, her ability to take difficult concepts and communicate them simply. That gave me something I could hold onto, to work with in my life. Then I started having conversations with Lynn and although her thinking led me to the conversation, it is her heart availability that kept me in it. Her warmth and genuine interest are healing. In the process of getting to know her and myself better, I feel a warm connection that keeps me tethered to my highest self and all that I can be.  Judy F. Buffalo, NY
 I am so honored that you are giving thought to entering into sacred conversation with me. Here I describe what I bring to a sacred conversation.  You will need to bring courage and openness.
  • I comfort, teach, liberate, encourage and challenge those who come to me.
  • When it comes to understanding a client’s needs I am an artist, a scientist, a priest, a laundress and a good cook, too.
  • I offer respect, compassion, guidance, and recommendations.
  • I listen for the you behind the stories, the suffering, and the desires.
  • I do not have a formula but work creatively and intuitively.
  • I serve my clients in achieving an integrated consciousness of self.
  • I do not judge. I know how to love. I am patient, but I will push hard sometimes.
  • I enjoy working with couples and the dynamics of relationship.

My clients live all over the world. I meet with them via the phone, skype or over email. If they live near Chapel Hill, we meet in person. Skype and phone calls have proven to be a very successful way to work together.

  • I meet my clients for 30-90 minutes weekly, bi- weekly or monthly.
  • I have met with clients for 8 hours intensives or weekend intensives.
  • Clients have worked with me for several sessions or for several years.

My clients deserve all the credit … I am just there to read the maps, call the cabs and do the laundry.


My hourly fee is $120. My fee includes short “emergency” phone and email consults inbetween sessions. Longer phone and email consults are billable in fifteen minute increments.

I offer a sliding scale. If you are financially challenged right now, I am open to creating an agreement that will work for both of us.

I accept payment by check, credit card or paypal.

Click here to download my Client Agreement. This clearly articulates all the agreements between my clients and myself in our conversation relationship.

You can think this over and ask more questions or we can go with our sense of possibility and set up a meeting.

If you want to discuss engaging me for private conversations, you can schedule a complimentary “Listening” conversation right here.

The Elements of Conversations
Sacred Attention

Everyone needs and deserves sacred attention. We need this frequently and regularly. Sacred attention offers loving and compassionate interest and observation that focuses on the unfolding humanity of the subject. Sacred attention is free of prejudice and expectation. We each need sacred attention from another human soul and from our own soul. There are five soul gestures in sacred attention: wonder, awe, reverence gratitude and devotion. In the time I spend with my clients, I provide sacred attention. It is a quality of listening that allows me to perceive on multiple levels the life experience and personal destiny of my client. My client soon learns to sacredly attend to his or herself. To begin to reflect one’s own inner and outer life with love and compassion is the beginning of healing. To wonder at the mystery and riddles of the receiving and giving that has shaped our sense of self is the beginning of personal freedom. The time together in this space of sacred attention becomes a time of healing and a time of inspiration. It is not nirvana or bliss, it is hard, intense and sometimes painful work. The results are a vibrant individuality, a confident sense of possibility, a clarity of thinking, and a commitment to one’s future.


Working with another human being requires improvisational creativity. My work is not about fitting my client into a given and fixed perspective or methodology. I am continually designing a working process that is inspired by my client’s individual needs, perceptions, style of learning, and readiness.

A Forensic Approach

During a session all my perceptual skills are continually scanning for the clues and evidence that will lead to the key insights that move you to full self expression. Sometimes it is looking for a needle in a haystack, sometimes it is simply pointing out there is a hippotamus in your bathtub.

Awareness of the Dynamic Relationship Between Biology and Biography

We are challenged on two levels of our lives: the biological and the biographical. The path to a free and loving relationship with our selfhood must weave through both of these levels. We seek harmony and health in both. The complexity of our individual biological systems is shaped by the inherited designs of our DNA, our diet and physical activity, our environment, and the impact of biographical stress and trauma. If a client is struggling with chronic fear, sadness or swings of mood and energy, there are two paths to healing – the restoration of balance to the biological and the telling of personal biography to uncover the roots of trauma, confusion, doubt and entrapment. With these two vital areas explored and understood the capacity for new ways of thinking, feeling and willing through our lives is liberated and strengthened.

Two of the effective ways I approach the restoration of balance in biology and biography are neuro-endocrine nutritional counseling and use of custom flower essence blends. Neuro-endocrine challenges are the biological root of depression, mania and anxieties. I offer my clients guidance in using amino acid supplements to establish or restore neuro-endocrine well-being. Flower essences are profoundly effective in bringing harmony to the body, soul and spirit. Many of my clients find the supplements and essences transform their sense of inner peace and strength.

Resolving Karma and Fulfilling Destiny

Who am I? What do I want? Why am I here? Why do I face so many challenges? What is love?

Karma is the recapitulation of previous lifetimes. If there were elements in a previous lifetime that were unresolved, they appear as challenges in this lifetime. We have the opportunity to resolve these.

Destiny is the task of this particular lifetime. We must fulfill this task. What are your destiny moments? They appear in two ways: love and work.

Karma and destiny may be intertwined or they may be very distinct.

There are adversarial forces that work against the resolution of karma and the fulfillment of destiny. These forces must be recognized and vanquished.

I work with my clients in solving the mysteries, dilemmas and confusions of karma, destiny and the adversarial realities of their inner and outer lives.


Rhythm is so critical and so lost in today’s lifestyles. Breathing is rhythm. Every organ in our body has rhythm. The sun gives us our daily rhythm and our seasonal rhythm. Digestion has a rhythm. Sleeping has a rhythm. Rhythm restores, nourishes, detoxifies, transforms. Soul work has a rhythm. It is very important to establish a regular rhythm for our work together. Bi-weekly is the most common. But other rhythms can work well. This depends on a number of factors: available time, financial considerations, intensity of need, and the desired outcomes.