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Gratitude lives in the gesture of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

I do hope my Inner Christmas Messages awaken gratitude in your heart. A grateful heart is a serene and full heart. My heart is very grateful that you receive and read the messages.

When I read the dictionary definition of gratitude, I was given pause when I came to the word, “kindness.”  

If you experience the messages as kindness and wish to express appreciation or return the kindness, there are three gestures of gratitude that would fill my heart:
SHARE THE MESSAGES WITH OTHERS.  Grow the Inner Christmas and Imagine Self community. Thank you!

MAKE COMMENTS ON THE POST PAGES.  Reveal yourself in a way that inspires others. What a gift of gratitude!  Share you experience of each message whether it be a memory, a feeling, an insight, or a question.  Thank you!
MAKE A FINANCIAL DONATION TO SUPPORT THE WORK (AND ME).  Yes, money is a gift of support, gratitude and encouragement What is each message worth to you? How does that translate into money? Is each message worth $1 or $10? Or is just one message worth a financial appreciation of many dollars?

Your financial gratitude, your kindness in return, makes my work both for Inner Christmas and Imagine Self possible.  It secures my basic living, my technical expenses, and makes scholarship available to those who are on bare financial subsistence but seek to personally evolve and support world harmony. Thank you!

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