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The comments that have been offered are very inspiring…Don’t miss them.
The Inner Christmas Inner Views
Yes, these Inner Christmas Inner Views are gifts for you – gifts that make Christmas
more conscious,
more peaceful,
more fulfilling
by essentially, developing a mature and measured Christmas
of wise choices and good will.


Charlie Gilkey’s Gift of Conscious Communication
Do you want your words to convey your intent?
Do you want your listening to experience the intent of the speaker?
How can you trust your conversations, especially at Christmas?
What is a spiritual communication?

How do you speak and listen with love and fellowship?


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Today’s Inner View brings distinctions to the conversations of Christmastime. These distinctions are valid and provide value all year long, but the mood of Christmas brings a more gentle understanding and even a tender longing for the experience of each level of communication. And how these levels of communication live in the speaker and the listener.

Charlie Gilkey of is the wise and warm soul who brings to us this gift of conscious communication. There are gems here!

You will resonate with his distinctions and be grateful for his clear descriptions. The 20 minutes with Charlie will enrich all your conversations over Christmas.

The inspiration for our conversation came from one of Charlie’s posts: The Four Levels of Communication.  On his website, Charlie has wonderful gifts for planning a productive year.

Charlie and I would love to know your experience and your needs for conscious communication during Christmas and the rest of the year. Please share your comments below.

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2 Responses to Charlie Gilkey – Inner View

  1. candice December 19, 2013 at 5:47 pm #

    this was a pleasant talk, i wish charlie would have spoken a bit slower, but this all is based on the reality you actually HAVE people in your life to talk to.

    some of us don’t. are completely alone in the world. and have yet to meet a person who will include or share, extend a hand in friendship. people have their inner circles they share hope, love and community with. and just like the huggers of this world, people who actually include, allow in, others who are not part of their inner circle are extremely rare, hard to find. Some who are so completely isolated might have the insurance or money to pay big bucks for a therapist who will give 45 minutes of professional time, but no deep, loving, caring communication time is ever shared. yes, nice talk, nice concept, but it’s all about talking the talk or really walking the walk. people go that extra walking distance for only a select few who matter within their inner circle. the old and infirmed with no one cannot even express the pain of being totally forgotten shadows.

    • candice December 20, 2013 at 6:03 pm #

      personally, just wanted to add, i have learned to cope by giving what poor meager crumbs of love I can at my local animal protection society. i’ve yet to meet a dog who judges me for my weight, my age, my income, my hunka-junk car…… we love and give to who we can, we find the doors that are open and are grateful for the blessings they bring. light and love are everywhere if we only open our eyes and accept the treasure in the simplest things. it is enough of a gift for me this year to have found this blessing, this work on my inner advent of light and love. i now have a roadmap to steer by, an intention after much meditation to work on, a new life filled with light to blossom in. thanks so much Lynn for the gift of you